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anyone got a spare laptop, old mobile phone they can donate to the do lectures until end of sept.

it will get a lot of use.

[email protected]


  • Posted by ade
  • 9 April 2009

in 2001 howies did their first catalogue. it was taken at some trails with some dirt jumpers.

one of the riders was Joe Anchor who would always go bigger.

At the Manchester sample sale I met Tim Royal from whitenosugarproductions.com who caught Joe on some super8 in the same year with some other riders we went on to sponsor, and some other riders who became big names.

This was filmed before they were really good and is a nice bit of footage showing great riders just riding summery trails.

Joe Anchor, Jim Davage, Chris Smith, Steve Geall and Olly and Grant Feilder.

Finding our way

  • Posted by howies
  • 9 April 2009


sometimes, you need to get back to how you used to do stuff.

when you grow, somethings get eroded.

mostly because you have less time to do the stuff you used to do.

you know the stuff, that makes you what you are.

here's a good list made by the designers to make sure we stay howies.

with a small h.

Power Shift UK

  • Posted by ruben
  • 8 April 2009


Just received an email from Casper at Power Shift, an interesting sounding UK youth event focussed on environmental issues and global warming.

"We're recruiting for Power Shift - the largest youth climate event in British history.  Our team of 19 (all unpaid volunteers with buckets of energy and passion) is going to grow, and we'd love to include people from your network : )

It's going to be perfect for people who like....

to organise music events
include new people and recruit new faces (especially in N. Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the beautiful North)
organising a day of action
being very precise and do logistics "


Check out their website if you're interested!

Know anyone rich

  • Posted by howies
  • 8 April 2009


right now I am trying to raise money for the do lectures.

it ain't easy.

nor should it be.

we have to raise 100K to do what we did last year.

in donations, pledges, and by doing things like t-shirts.

so far we have raised £7K.

so we have a way to go.

we have lots of letters to write.

we are talking to potential sponsors.

all in our spare time as we have a day job to do.

so if you know someone who can help, let us know.

doers inspire.


sept 3-7 09.

The Do Word

  • Posted by howies
  • 7 April 2009

The Do Word

It’s short.

To the point.

Quick to say.

All its letters do something.

It loves a deadline.

Despises procrastination.

It’s the rapids of a river.

The bubbles in a lemonade.

The kick in caffeine.

It’ s a small word but does more than almost any other .

It means the same thing all over the world.

It’s most effective when its got a plan.

It’s a word for getting things done.

It means action.

It’s all verb.

Doers inspire.The Do Lectures. Sept 3-7th 09.


Once a year, the doers of the world come together to share their stories. To inspire the rest of us to go and do something positive.

Tickets go on sale May 1st

Repair Manifesto

  • Posted by howies
  • 6 April 2009



worth a read

and there is this too

Owner's Manifesto

If you can't open it, you don't own it: a Maker's Bill of Rights to accessible, extensive, and repairable hardware.

By Mister Jalopy

The Maker's Bill of Rights

  • Meaningful and specific parts lists shall be included.
  • Cases shall be easy to open.
  • Batteries should be replaceable.
  • Special tools are allowed only for darn good reasons.
  • Profiting by selling expensive special tools is wrong and not making special tools available is even worse.
  • Torx is OK; tamperproof is rarely OK.
  • Components, not entire sub-assemblies, shall be replaceable.
  • Consumables, like fuses and filters, shall be easy to access.
  • Circuit boards shall be commented.
  • Power from USB is good; power from proprietary power adapters is bad.
  • Standard connecters shall have pinouts defined.
  • If it snaps shut, it shall snap open.
  • Screws better than glues.
  • Docs and drivers shall have permalinks and shall reside for all perpetuity at archive.org.
  • Ease of repair shall be a design ideal, not an afterthought.
  • Metric or standard, not both.
  • Schematics shall be included.

Do Lectures Tickets

  • Posted by howies
  • 29 March 2009


We are getting lots of emails about how do we get tickets for The Do Lectures.

We have many many more enquiries than we have places.

howies customers will get first refusal.

The tickets go on sale May 1st.

The speakers will be announced on the same morning.

Given the small number of tickets, we expect to sell out that day.

There are only 40 tickets for sale.

A further 40 places will go to students. (More details on this later)

The ticket price is: £1,000 per person.

Companies (with a turnover under £10 million) £1,500.

Companies (with a turnover over £10 million) £2,000.

Companies are limited to two persons per company.

It’s not cheap, but it is great value. and it will be a great weekend.

Price includes all food, drink, workshops, accommodation and of course, 20 amazing talks.

can’t wait

any questions: [email protected]

A Doer

  • Posted by howies
  • 26 March 2009


This week matt jones designed a t-shirt.

He gave all his design royaltees to the Do Lectures (see his talk on www.dolectures.com -its great)

It was our fastest and biggest selling t-shirt of the week. Like ever.

He raised over £1000 for the Do Lectures.

So I just to say thanks.

Here's to people who do.

Scooby Do wouldn't have been the same called Scooby don't

last chance to buy it today

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