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Daniel Peterson - Change of Tune

  • Posted by howies
  • 11 August 2009

This is a guy I know. Really great track.

Check out his website danielpetersonmusic.com or his muxtape (I love muxtape)

toyosu blue monday

  • Posted by howies
  • 11 August 2009

Found this video while having a snoop on the fixed gear website.  It's by jun iwai from Japan.  His other videos are definately worth a look too.

Last chance for Golden Ticket.

  • Posted by howies
  • 11 August 2009

Tomorrow at midday we close the Do Lectures Golden Ticket.

So if you have been thinking about it, now is the time to buy one.

One of you is going to win a Free Do Lectures Ticket.

It could be you.

It might be.

Think positive.

See you at the Do lectures.

maybe. just maybe.

Here at Carnaby Street we've been racking our brains to come up with our Top Ten Desert Island Films. It's taken nearly a month. We've had ups and downs, debates and rewrites, but finally everyone has made their list (including Tara, work experience extraordinaire). The selections were pretty diverse, with only two films on more than one list.

IMG_7040Tara: About A Boy, Rat Race, The Bourne Identity, Peter Seller's The Party, The Jungle Book, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Around The World In 80 Days, The Life of Brian, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Shrek

Ben: Stand By Me, Willow, Withnail & I, Bottle Rocket, Goonies, The Big Lebowski, Princess Bride, Home Alone, Pride And Prejudice, Tombstone

Mark: Jaws, Gummo, Lost Boys, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Trading Places, Brewster's Millions, Ghostbusters, Boyz N The Hood, Happy Gilmore, Terminator

Jeff: La Haine, Sympathy For Mr Vengeance, Hot Rod, Sunset Blvd, There Will Be Blood, The Good The Bad And The Ugly, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Iron Monkey, Princess Mononoke, Zatoichi

Emma: Jarhead, Down In The Valley, Amelie, Some Like It Hot, Before Sunset, Rear Window, Spirited Away, Napoleon Dynamite, Little Women, Eagle Vs Shark

Naida: Last Tango In Paris, The Hours, Naked, Carpe Diem, Babel, East Of Eden, Gabrielle, Faces, Spirited Away, The Libertine

Charlie: Shawshank Redemption, Layer Cake, Pulp Fiction, 8 Mile, Stardust, Superbad, Casino Royale, The Fast And The Furious, Shaun Of The Dead, Notorious 

We are planning to hold cinema nights in the Carnaby store showing sports films, mainstream films, shorts and anything else awesome.

So now it's your turn. You are stuck on a desert island. You will be watching these films again and again, possibly for the rest of your life. Let us know your list.

And yes, this is entirely compulsory.

Nikon D 300

  • Posted by tim
  • 5 August 2009


Thought you photofreeks might like this, i of course stole it from Rankins site.


Glass Tiger Surf Boards

  • Posted by howies
  • 5 August 2009


Mark from Glass Tiger has always been a grand guy, we took his amazing boards on the Footprints Spring 2009 shoot and they stood the test on time in and out of the camper van and the Portgual sunshine. Plus they ride amazingly. Our team riders Sam and Nick ride them and I am jealous because I want one.

Mark has made this movie about his craftsmanship that goes into  the environmentally responsible surf boards. Check Tiger Surf Boards for the information about the boards.

Loving the Tiger.

Check out the movie.


My weekend

  • Posted by howies
  • 3 August 2009

This weekend was crazy. These videos sum it up.


first we had issues with arriva refusing to use their bike racks. then my (chez's mums) bike broke


then we all shared a bed. which was horrid. worst nights sleep ever.

Why the Do Lectures matter?

  • Posted by howies
  • 27 July 2009

chairs BW

Why The Do Lectures matter?

And why becoming a member matters too?

We live in interesting times.

And we live in important times.

Most of the important business models have yet to be written.

Most of the ‘why didn’t I think of that’ answers for climate change have yet to be dreamt of.

Most of the important scientific or technological breakthroughs are just doodles on a notepad.

As well as interesting times, these are exciting times.

Necessity will make a good taskmaster. Crisis will make a good editor. Having finite resources will make us infinitely more creative with how we use them going forward.

Yup, interesting times.

And if consumers will have to change how they consume, and if business will have to change how they do business, then so will Government have to change how they govern.

Our system of having a four-year government for 100-year problems means tough decisions are rarely made. A manifesto designed to win votes isn’t the same as a manifesto designed to do what needs to be done for the safety of future generations.

And how we have treated this planet in the past will have to be different to how we treat it in the future. A tree helps produce oxygen, rain and sucks in carbon dioxide. Yet we only put a value to it once we cut it down. At the very same time as when it stops producing rain, when it stops producing oxygen and stops sucking in carbon dioxide.

Indeed these are interesting times.

We have to fill in a 3-page form to start an account with Fed Ex. Yet a badly run bank has to only fill in a 2-page form to get billions from the Government to shore up their bank.

Interesting times, indeed.

But rather than being a time to be down or despondent, this is the time for great change. And yes, there is much that needs changing. There is much to do.

But reassuringly the human mind is more creative than any computer will ever be. The answers will come from the brightest, stubborn-nest, and oddest of people.

And the thing that brings this oddball bunch together is that they are all stubborn dreamers. Brilliant enough to have the idea. Stubborn enough to make it happen.

Buckminster Fuller described the importance of vision best when he said, “ There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly”. But as well as the vision, you need that grit determination to make your idea live.

That is what The Do Lectures is here to Do. It is a platform for the Doers of the world to tell us their stories. So they can inspire the rest of us to go do something amazing too. In simple farming terms, it is just manure for the field. It is here to help grow ideas.

The Do Lectures is not a business, but it has to pay its way in the world. Appropriately a set of talks with sustainability at its heart needs to be, well, yes, sustainable.

To that end, we sell tickets for the event so the rest of the world can see them the talks for free. Our aim this year is for a million people to see the talks. To me, that is a lot of ‘mind manure’ being spread around the world.

So does the Do Lectures matter? I believe they do. And maybe they matter more in these interesting times than any other time.

I believe that ‘mind manure’ sure needs spreading around.

So my last question today is would you become a member of The Do Lectures?

Memberships costs £50. You will receive 4 newsletters a year. Have the inside track on choosing speakers and be able to make suggestions too. Have first refusal on future tickets. Receive a Do Lectures 2009 T-shirt that has a chance of coming with a golden ticket to this years Do lectures.

But the biggest thing of all is just to feel part of it. To feel like you are doing something to make this happen. To become a doer too.

So if this is crowd funding in its truest form, we need the crowd to put their hands up and say ‘I’m in.’ ‘I think The Do Lectures matter. Here’s my £50.’

A simple email to [email protected] will be enough to start this off.

David Hieatt

Bring it on!

  • Posted by howies
  • 25 July 2009

It's a beautiful sunny day, but Ben and I can't help but talk about this coming winter.  Firstly, because we're sorting out all our summer sale stock in store, and excited about the new collection coming up (of course!).  But the main reason is that we are pining for snow.  I'm considering getting up to the new snowdome at Hemel...for a little fix.  However nothing compares to the real thing obviously!  I'm mulling over where to go this winter, and dreaming of improving my skillls...hopefully this winter I can finally get over some stupid fears and charge it!

Anyway the new Absinthe snowboard movie trailer "Neverland" has been released; and maybe if your thoughts weren't drifting towards the snow, on a sunny day such as this...well now they will.


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