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Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish

  • Posted by howies
  • 27 October 2009


Yesterday was my last day at howies.

It was my choice to leave.

It was a hard thing to do and easy thing to do.

The morale of the story is simple.

If you find something you love, you should never sell your love.

When other people own your dream, destiny is no longer in your hands.

And yes, leaving the company I helped to start is super-painful.

But pain makes for a good teacher if you listen to what it is telling you.

It teaches you what is important to you. And what is not.

So from this day forward howies will begin to appear in my rear-view mirror.

At the same time I will be sitting in my shed with Sonny (my dog) working away on the future.

Keeping me company will be the knowledge that Patagonia was not Yvon’s first company, Esprit was not Doug’s first company, and Steve Jobs got sacked from Apple.

For me those are good role models to have in the shed with you.

Luckily for howies Clare is staying. She will be the soul-keeper now.

And lastly, I just wanted to say thank you to you.

It’s been fun working for you.

My thanks.

David Hieatt

At an appropriate time, I will write a magazine article telling you all the behind the scenes bits that made me decide to leave.

It is raining in London but.....

  • Posted by howies
  • 24 October 2009



.....if it was only a few degrees colder, it would be snowing!

This January my wife is due to give birth to our first baby.  We are really, really excited.  However, we are also a a little bit bummed that we most likely won't be heading the mountains this winter. 

But that is okay - we were hugely fortunate to get in over 50 days in two years living in Colorado - and at somepoint in the next two or three years we hope to call the mountains home once again. 

Until such a time, we can at least get our fix from watching movies.  Maybe. 


Fantastic Film Festival


The BFI London Film Festival started a couple of days back, and it's set to be a good one. Being massive Wes Anderson fans here at Carnaby Street, we're extra excited about this little number.


It's out on Oct 23rd for us mere mortals who didn't get tickets for the actual festival showing. Any other films that you're excited about?

p.s. anyone else notice George Clooney is in three films this year? Ben doesn't mind, he can't get enough of Gorgeous George.


are you the big mac?

  • Posted by howies
  • 8 October 2009

Some friends of mine are in a band called King Porter Stomp.  They are an 8 piece band "with massive horns, heavy bass and deeply socially aware lyrics."

The past two years they have been performing on the UK festival tour, and received great reviews!

They are going to be making their first music video this weekend, and are calling for people to join in.  From their latest album Poison the Beat, they will be filming their track "Big Mac" at the McDonalds on London Road in Brighton.

Their invitation:
OK ALL YOU NON LOVERS OF FAST FOOD PLEASE COME JOIN US IN MAKING OUR BIG MAC VIDEO. WE WILL BE MARCHING FROM THE LEVEL AT 3.30PM TO RONALD McDONALDS HOUSE ON LONDON RD.  Bring ya dancing shoes, video cams and phones, any anti fast food clothes or fancy dress.  Bring one bring all.  SEE YA SUNDAY.
I have heard rumours of Tim dressing up as an angry farmer and there is going to be a pantomime cow in the mix!?

Look out for Clay Marzo

  • Posted by howies
  • 5 October 2009

This awesome story appeared in the Independent over the weekend.  Clay Marzo is about to turn the surfing world on it's head with his fearless style and natural ability. 

The clarity of mind that he possess in a wave is in stark contrast to his difficulties when on dry land.  Clay was diagnosed with Asperger's a couple of years ago and, as a result, he finds social interaction difficult.  However, some believe that his condition may partially help to give him an edge in the water due to his ability to predict how a particular wave will break. 

His story is captured in a new film, which goes onto itunes next month, called Just Add Water.

the london paper library

  • Posted by howies
  • 3 October 2009

On the 21st of September a very resourceful group decided to set up thelondonpaperlibrary on the London Underground circle line.   As the London Paper free newspaper was forced to close on the 18th, the organisers saw this as an opportunity to inject another free choice for the London commuter to read. 

It was a mobile library- set up by the organisers and volunteer librarians.  Books were proped up along the windows; each with a library card inside, which read:

Welcome to thelondonpaperlibrary

Now that you have a book in your hands, it's yours to enjoy on your commute from work or wherever.

Read it till the next stop.  Take it with you till the last page.  Return it so we can all do this again.

To continue enjoying free libraries and a different commute:


The cards also had a list of links to websites for community events and other mobile libraries.  It was slightly tongue in cheek concept by the performer Shane Solanki, but It's a great idea and hopefully there will be another event soon!

Little Nugget.


This is a nice little short film called HI- Human Interface by Multitouch Barcelona. I saw it a few weeks ago at the BFI as part of a collection of short films that championed the time and effort of film makers who executed their ideas through handmade processes.

For anyone who uses their computer a lot this will make you grin.. enjoy.

(This is my first post by the way.. hi)


LED Sheep!!!

  • Posted by howies
  • 27 September 2009



The Baaa Studs (a group of Welsh sheep hearders) took to the Welsh hills with their flocks and a load of LED lights, to create a promo for Samsung.



  • Posted by howies
  • 24 September 2009

My friend Jessie Ford did the Geeks Corner mural for us in store a few months back.  Yesterday Eliza Williams wrote about it on the Creative Review Blog which is awesome!

ade's latest 008

It features along side a music video that her friend George Wu directed.  Thought I'd share it with you...made me smile :)


Here Comes Trouble by Ill Ease

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