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Patti Smith's Dream of Life

  • Posted by tim
  • 4 December 2008

A Documentary is just about to be released about the life of Patti Smith called 'Dream of Life'.

I can remember seeing Patti Smith as a teenager in the 70's and not really being particularly comfortable with how she made me feel as i had been used to either dancing to songs in a Shangri -Las/Ronettes sort of way or going mental in a Cramps/Ramones/T-rex sort of way, she made me stop for a minute, take stock of my body, connect with my mind and see what happened. I danced but it was very different from the usual, and i guess that's where she still sits for me, a true rock and roll lady with a message.

Last year amongst other things she collaborated with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine to make an album called the Coral Sea. 

Earlier in 2008  the documentary  premiered in Edinburgh at the Film Festival. It took 11 years to make and was produced by Steven Sebring with full co-operation with Patti. It's out on general release in March 2009 and is already available on pre order through the usual channels. It is also accompanied by a beautiful book and i can wholly recommend it. 

I've also taken the liberty of adding and MC5 track on here as she was married to Fred 'Sonic' Smith who passed away a time ago now but should be none the less remembered here, He's the one with the wobbly knees in the last clip. 

Here's the trailer first off, followed by a rare treat of a clip , followed by a performance by Detroits Motor City 5, Horses to finish

[/youtube] [/youtube] [/youtube]




Here's the website.

Here's a great article in the times written by Stephen Dalton.


the staircase gallery

the staircase gallery

somewhere to sit and read and look at the art.

this months sees the photos of david gillanders.


David's obsession with photography developed in his early teens whilst training as a boxer in Glasgow. He became hypnotized by the black and white posters and photographs on the walls of the boxing clubs where he trained and sparred. At the age of 16, when he got fed up of being punched in the head but still loved the atmosphere and characters involved in the boxing world, he returned to the clubs with a camera and started to document what he saw.

In the late 1990's, David won a couple of local photographic competitions with his black and white documentary street scenes of Glasgow life. On the back of this success he began to secure regular commissions from several of Scotland’s leading broadsheet newspapers and magazines. Through regular photographic commissions, David further developed as a photographer and was able to quit his full time employment in 1999 and realise his dream in becoming a photojournalist. He currently undertakes social and humanitarian projects around the world, covering topical issues, which he feels passionately about.


Rouleur photography exhibition 2008

  • Posted by tim
  • 26 November 2008

Rouleur have been making great magazines about cycling for a good few years now. Last year they had a great photo exhibition in london that i attended and got a few back issues i was missing, as well as checking out all their iconic cycling photography which was jaw droppingly beautiful. This year they are holding another photography exhibition:

Their words

This years’ Rouleur Photography Show will open on the 28th of November. The show will feature the works of eight of Rouleur's photographers, and many different events on the year's cycling calendar will be represented in the images on show. The photographers whose work will be shown are; Ben Ingham, Camille J McMillan, Geoff Waugh, Gerard Brown, Olaf Unverzart, Rein van de Wouw, Taz Darling and Timm Kölln. There will also be some original illustrations from Jo Burt.The prints will be on sale at the show, including some of Jo Burt's drawings as limited edition prints. Rouleur annuals and back copies of the magazine, as well as Rouleur branded t-shirts, badges and musettes, will all be available for purchase.

The venue is next door to Condor Cycles on 51 Grays Inn Road, WC1X 8PP. It will be open from 12pm to 6pm on weekdays (late night Wednesday until 7.30pm) and 12pm to 5pm on Saturdays; it will be closed on Sundays. The show finishes on the 23rd of December.  

Be sure to check it out, the website is here.


Here's a link to some of their features that are available to read online or download as PDFs

The Big Picture

  • Posted by howies
  • 24 November 2008


I was tipped off about this site on friday, some awesome photojournalism. It's great to get the news in such a rich visual form.

Click click

  • Posted by aron
  • 20 November 2008

So I've started sifting through the photos from the shoot last week.

11,275 digital.

plus Paul's polaroids.

plus my 20 rolls of film.

plus James' LOMO and medium format shots.

and some extra on the Ricoh.

It's going to take some time getting through them but from what I've seen so far it should be an enjoyable process.

(Picture taken by James - night time skate outside Carrapateira)

spencer black time lapse reel

  • Posted by tim
  • 12 November 2008



No great story here, just a lovely bit of film i found nosing on vimeo. 


its a small world

we just had a very interesting visitor to the shop, his names johnathan and hes been in a few times before, he always pops in to say hello between his visits to and from exotic countries and he quite often brings us a little memento of his travels (usually because we ask him too).

anyway, jeff and i were looking through one of the 'wildlife photographer of the year' books that we have upstairs on our bookshelf and it turns out johnathan once came second place with one of his very own photos and so he gave us a link to his flickr site, pretty impressive...

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