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A bit short notice but we're in need of a guy aged between 25 and 45 to nip down to the Carnaby Street shop this afternoon to have some photos taken in one of our jackets.. the sooner the better! Anyone knocking around central London with some time to kill? Please give us a ring  on 0207 2872345 (we'll give you some nice things as a thanks).

Watching the Weather

  • Posted by ruben
  • 22 July 2010

I just got a time lapse app for my iPhone.

I love how time lapse lets you see more in a view than you usually would.

This is an hour of rain and sunny spells out of my bedroom window.

Watch out for the double rainbow. (Yes, a double rainbow.)

I want to do some sunrise and sunset ones next.

The Bourgeois Bicycle Caravan

  • Posted by howies
  • 29 June 2010

Freshly pressed.

The Bourgeois Bicycle Caravan has landed!

In the Autumn of 2009, the trio of Jimmy Bodean, Harold Hobart Hellybutt & Del Da-Foster embarked on an expedition, along the western seaboard of france, by bicycle. With trailers brimming with the necessities (surfyboards, box cameras, pencils and books of russian beat poetry) the trio went in search of the image perfect and the ultimate rambling tale.

This is the outcome, and very nice too.

Read more here... or pop into the Bristol shop and pick one up.

James Bowden is the guy who does lots of our catalogue shoots.


Kingdom Bike

  • Posted by howies
  • 21 June 2010

James McKnight one of our team riders has set this ace little blog up.

Really is worth a look, Mc Blog Part 1.

'James Mcknight starts a summer series of updates and rants about anything and everything from the saddle of his Euro 'access all areas' Vendetta. Don't expect to find gear ratios, sprockets and spoke tension here, this is a glimpse into the life of the professional bike bum, pump tracks, brioche and beer.'

This guy is always on his bike. A total nightmare to get hold of him! haha!

Right now he is somewhere bike testing in the sun! What a life!

Thanks McKnighty...

Pizza night at the badger set

  • Posted by tomos
  • 17 June 2010

Every Tuesday a few mates and I get together for pizza. We thought this week we'd mix it up, and work off the pizza.

This is Josh Oglive's pump track, built by hand in his garden. Well, his mother's (poor woman). The most fun I've had on a bike in a while . There were a few crashes, some mental lines, one or two odd bikes and the occasional mockery.  Roll on  Tuesday, might order a different pizza next week....

for the month of June the Carnaby Street gallery will be playing host to the work of photographer Jack Symes. now based in london but hailing from chester, his work is based around skateboarding, bike riding, good times and attempting to fill his spare days with as many adventures and interesting things that he could find.

come down and have a look at his results.

Jack studied photographic arts at the university of westminster and is currently looking for work based around his experience.

[email protected]

More Boneshaker Magazines

  • Posted by howies
  • 11 June 2010

James from the Bristol Bike Project has just dropped off more Boneshaker Magazines to the Bristol shop. It is a collection of articles, stories and anecdotes about people and projects doing great things with bicycles. With its high production standards for photography & graphics and bike articles from all over the world, its a lush lil' book for only £3.50 that is also available in the Carnaby Street shop.

"Full to the brim with photography and illustration, we hope that it will both inspire and entertain, raise awareness and bring a smile to your face and appeal to both bike-heads and to those who may not yet even have experienced the true joy and freedom that can be found from our two-wheeled friends." 

We also stock The Ride Journal and for those with a more specialised cycling interest we now stock Fixed Mag.

The Ride.

  • Posted by ruben
  • 9 June 2010

Every time a new issue of The Ride journal lands on my desk, it gets in the way of Work for a while.

See, I love bikes more than almost anything. (A certain someone would kill me if I worded that wrong.)

But it's not just the machines themselves, it's everything that bikes mean to the people who ride them.

It's the places, the stories, the friendships, the agony and the joy that owning a bike can bring you.

Bikes are so much more than 'just bikes.' And that's what The Ride is all about.

Issue 4 is online now - you can buy it here. It features a piece by our very own Nick Hand of Slowcoast fame.

I'm off to put the kettle on.

You can also pick The Ride up in our Carnaby St. and Bristol shops

One for the weekend

  • Posted by howies
  • 4 June 2010

Well more lovely weather is headed our way this weekend.

Mel and I are super happy with waves we had this week too.

All in all a good one.

So with more sunny days ahead I am sure more nice pictures will be taken.

I am going for the sunshine look on the howies look blog to keep the glow alive!

Send me some happy sunny day shots of what you have been up to on this 4 day week... evening bike rides, early morning sunrise runs or good old evenings at the beach.

Email them to me : [email protected]

howies is nice and relaxed today with a nice group dinner at the river, planning canoeing trips and genreal tom foolery!

Have a splendid weekend.

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