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dumb ass not numb ass

  • Posted by ade
  • 22 December 2008
air head

air head

we went to the brecfa red trail today to do some thinking for next years do lectures.

we only really made plans the night before so his morning was rushed to find my bike that has been in bits since the Brecfa enduro this year. We met up with Andy Middleton from TYF.

i found the wheels after a 20 minute hunt, jumped in the car and set off.

when we were putting the bikes together Andy asked where my saddle was and i immediately knew.

In my garage in the white wire shelf above the grinder and below the hammers.

two and a half hours out the saddle is time enough to ingrain on my memory never to forget gain.

my legs were too pumped to relax on the last crazy drop.

the ride was amazing. 10 degrees, a very light drizzle punctuated by work chatter. a nice way to do a "meeting"

EA Skate 2

  • Posted by tim
  • 21 December 2008



Here's the trailer for the latest skate game. finger and thumb athletes your heaven awaits, be careful of the old RSI, and check out that Scot John Rattray.

howies riders blogs

  • Posted by tim
  • 19 December 2008

Dan Yeomans and Joe Barnes have blogs up about their exploits. 

Dans here

Joe's here

Snow and skate

  • Posted by aron
  • 19 December 2008

In a few weeks time, once the Spring catalogue is all done, I'll be heading off to Meribel to do a week's worth of snowboarding. Chris V has kindly lent me some of his gear for the trip so that's all sorted but seems like i've left it a bit too late to change my euros. Eek. Anyway, here's some inventive snowboarding from Scott Stevens that's got me counting down the days...



And here's one of Fenrich's vids of him, Bailey and others skating in Barcelona earlier this year.


ice ice baby

  • Posted by ade
  • 18 December 2008

On Monday night the ride home was a challenge on the cross bike.

It's been raining lots over the last few weeks and the lanes home have little streams flowing over them about an inch deep.

By 6.30pm these had turned to sheet ice making 35% of the ride home not only unrideable, but nearly unwalkable. Especially in cycling shoes.

So i let the tyres down to 20psi, unclipped and prepared to bale.

There was one corner where you come down a hill, into a fast lefthander into an uphill and the whole thing was like glass. The only way was to slide down on my arse, and then pull myself up the other side on the wall.

I love those rides home where it's a challenge and you feel scared and uncomfortable and challenged. Breaks the norm.

Will Jackson and Ashley Charles

  • Posted by tim
  • 18 December 2008

This is the latest from the howies boys and wethepeople duo.............


God Went Surfing With The Devil

  • Posted by tim
  • 17 December 2008

Since the year 2000, over 4,300 Palestinian and 1,000 Israeli lives have been claimed by the escalating conflict in the region. The situation grew markedly worse in 2006, when Israel responded to the election of Hamas by sealing off the borders, ending the free-flow of people and goods. Palestinian militants reacted to the siege by targeting Israel's civilian population with deadly rocket strikes; the Israeli Army countered with air strikes, targeting militants but often claiming the lives of innocent residents.

In 2007 it emerged that a small group of young men were surfing in Gaza, sharing battered surfboards they had attained prior to the siege. Word traveled north to Israel, and that same year, a mixed group of Israelis and Americans delivered a dozen boards to their Palestinian counterparts.

In the spring of 2008, they would attempt to deliver another 23 surfboards into Gaza. By this time the situation in Gaza had deteriorated further, the border still sealed, with military activity a near daily occurrence.

"God Went Surfing With the Devil" charts the difficulties and dangers encountered by surfers in the region. Along the way it speaks to Israelis, Arab-Israelis, and Palestinians affected by the violence, charting their daily struggle to supersede the conflict through the joys of surfing.

Here is the first trailer, it's short.

Here's the second.

Below is Michael Fordham from the Do Lectures talking about his love for the sea.

Michael was born in East London in 1968, left school in 1984 and never had a proper job. He started surfing in 1986 whilst living in Queensland during a six year global wander. He returned to London to study anthropology in his mid twenties and became obsessed with war zones, waves and London.

Throughout the nineties he scratched a living by writing about all these things as well as a bunch of other stuff for magazines and newspapers. By the middle of that decade he scored a jumped-up title on the flannel panel at Dazed and Confused, and used that as a magic carpet to take him to places where he could indulge my various obsessions.

In 1999 he launched adrenalin magazine, thereby blagging his way around the world for another six years. In 2002 Michael married Lucy. They were blessed with three children in five years, in the middle of which time they moved to Somerset to live in a tiny village dominated by the Church Wardens and 300 head of cattle.

Whilst his fellow villagers are convinced he is on a Witness Protection Programme, he published The September Project in 2007 and The Book of Surfing: the killer guide to surf culture in 2008. Michael is currently writing a novel set in California in the year 1969, as well as a series of stories about Kosovo and Bosnia, and loads of travel, interviews and other types of hackery.

He is considering going back to study theology.

No, really.

Away From Home and some lovely Trails

  • Posted by tim
  • 17 December 2008

'Away from Home'. This was a ten day trip that took in two Downhill World Cup races in Quebec in Canada this year. Rob Warner at the wheel. The footage below is of Josh Bryceland winning the Worlds in Italy a month or so before Canada. 


Here's the trailer for the new PA Woods DVD release.



  • Posted by howies
  • 15 December 2008

Throughout my 30 years of life I have been very lucky.

I have known I've been lucky and I've just kept getting away with it, untill Sunday that is.

The reason I have been lucky is I have not had many accidents, not like Tom and Pete in howies.

I have never broken anything, had any operations, wisdom teeth out, nothing.

I have not been too safe, I have been canoeing down rapids and rivers, rowing on the sea, river rafting, sea kayaking, coasteering, mountain biking, climbing, running along cliffs, driving and on a motorbike.

The worst accidents I can remember are, one when I was 5, I was swinging around a pole in the garden and fell down some steps and got concussion. Then there were two incidents where I fell, once off my bike and once when I was roller blading and I got water on my elbows.

Then yesterday I fell down the stairs on my house, not just normal stairs either, wooden planks which are slippy, steep and face a wall. I ended up with my head in between the stairs and the wall and my feet in the air, not funny really.

I now have a huge bruise on my hip which looks like a galaxy, a bump on my head, a stiff neck and numerous other bruises aches and pains.

Maybe I have been too safe in the past, maybe 2009 will the year for more adventures and accidents.

Maybe I'm just not very stupid....

or maybe I have just been lucky.

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