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be prepared…

  • Posted by howies
  • 21 March 2011

Last week I spoke to Martin Dorey who has a series on TV called "One man and his campervan" you might have seen it on BBC2, and he also has a book out too.

We had a chat about what to wear when you're out and about camping or doing stuff which is one of my favorite topics, and today I arrived into work to receive one of his lovely books, thanks Martin.

It's got loads of recipes in there for what to cook when you're camping, some great photos (including an appearance of a howies tshirt) and other little gems too.

Martin is a surfer, a TV presenter and writer currently working on a new book, you can see his website and his blog and buy a copy of his book here.

With Easter around the corner it's got tons of inspiration in there for getting outside and cooking yummy food.

Martin Dorey

Watch this…

  • Posted by ruben
  • 9 December 2010

Go and put the kettle on, make yourself a cup of tea and please watch this.

It has to be the most beautiful and moving surf video I've seen in a long time, maybe ever.

One of those glimpses into another world that makes you want to change your life, unless you're lucky enough to feel as passionate about what you do already.

Thanks to Lizzie on our Facebook page for linking me to this.

Elsie can cook as well as surf

  • Posted by emma
  • 7 December 2010

Our lovely surf team rider Elsie Pinniger has sent us all an early Christmas present of some deliciuos home made muesli bars.

Yum yum we are going to put the kettle on and get stuck in.

Thanks Elsie.

There can be no more denying it, Christmas is upon us. Here at the Carnaby St store we are stocking the Surfers Against Sewage Chrsitmas Cards, illustrated by Kate Sutton (www.katesutton.co.uk).

"Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is a UK-based non profit-making organisation campaigning for clean, safe recreational waters, free from sewage effluents, toxic chemicals, marine litter and nuclear waste. SAS also campaign to protect surf spots from environmental damage, negative impacts on wave quality and to safeguard recreational water users right of access." - www.sas.org.uk

The cards help raise money for SAS's cause, and on the back of each card there is some information on marine pollution and how to support SAS further.

A pack of 8 for £3.50!

Nick Radford on Empire

  • Posted by tomos
  • 10 November 2010

Nick is now getting his boards from Steve Croft of Empire Surfboards. A talented & experienced shaper, Steve is producing some really exciting boards, combining contemporary rocker, rail & foil theory to traditional or alternative templates & designs. Each board is unique, built in Cornwall using a combination of traditional & contemporary materials & techniques, taking inspiration from the past, present & future.

For more info please check http://empiresurfboards.com or http://empiresurfboards.blogspot.com

Photographs by James Bowden


Christmas cards against sewage

  • Posted by ruben
  • 4 November 2010

It's that time of year again, when the more organised of us are preparing for Christmas.

If you are one of those people, we're happy to say that we can help.

This year's delivery of Christmas cards from Surfers Against Sewage has arrived and they are available online now.

The SAS Christmas card is an important fundraiser and is a great way to convey the campaign message to friends and family. On the back of each card there's a little information about marine pollution and how to support SAS by becoming a member

Big thanks to Kate Sutton for her designs www.katesutton.co.uk

The cards come in a pack of 8, featuring 4 beautiful designs and they are printed on 100% recycled card.

To avoid any last minute trips down to Clinton's, get your order in before they're all gone - we don't have many.

Click here to see the cards.


  • Posted by james
  • 14 October 2010

So after two and a bit weeks on the road, shooting for the Spring/Summer catalogue in the rain, I'm now starting to take stock of all the photos, and start the editing process... so far 35 rolls of film have been processed and 140Giggas of digital files downloaded, this is gonna take some time.

In the meantime, here is a selection of polaroids, of some of the people, that make the catalogues look so darn good...

Lydia Savage, at our secret little cove all wrapped up for summer...

Mr Nick Radford, music maker and surfer...

99% of the team that puts the catalogues together, Mr Peter Davies...

Miss Elsie Pinniger, queen of custom wetsuits (and cool cars)...

Miss Camilla Marotta, producer extraordinaire...

Mr Dan Yeomans, rides bikes, paints and looks good in howies...

Ms Lisa, designs the mens clothes and styles them too...

nice people...

nice quiver...

...and a nice little camp out.

(if you like these, I shoot lots of them and share them here, oh I love polaroid)

Weekend Surf.

  • Posted by emma
  • 4 October 2010

This picture popped into our inbox over the weekend.

It was sent in by a lovely Khalil from down in Cornwall.

Made me wish I was a surfer.

Couch Number One

  • Posted by james
  • 27 September 2010

So here I find myself tucked into my sleeping bag and in the familiar territory of a mates couch, on the road again for a howies catalogue photoshoot. The task I have been set it to visit a selection of howies team riders and spend some time with them, documenting their lives through photos, in the place they know the most, that is, home. First up on my list is Holly Fifield in deep west cornwall. Holly's a talented surfer and a lovely lady to boot. We drank tea in her little windswept cottage in St Just, discussed surfboards over coffee at her dad's café, rode bikes on the busiest country lane in cornwall and surfed fun waves at a beach down the road (where we bumped into fellow team rider, Nick Radford).

All in all,  it's been a grand few days down here.

I leave couch number one, tomorrow morning, destined for mates couch number two in Bristol and skateboarding instead of surfing.

Fingers crossed the next couch is as comfy as this one.

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