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Two years ago

  • Posted by tim
  • 14 January 2009


An old mate of mine told me that if the economic situation worsens and if it looks like Labour will lose the next election they will for sure pass the plans for the third runway at Heathrow before they go, making labour the bogeymen and gifting the conservatives a decision that they would had made themselves but now dont need to due to this action. 

He said too many Labour politicians will be looking for jobs on the boards of companies and corporations to supplement their falling incomes and lack of job security so housing plans and whatever else they can do to feather their nests in the future by sucking up to industry and doing them favours will be rushed through in this last phase of government.

 On top of that he said that all the green and eco focus will dissappear during this unstable period along with their morals.  It's not that this is news annoyed me at the time, it was the predictability of how easy these people are to read and how true my pub mate was. 

Great ideas do not belong to political parties or our kings or queens, they belong to individuals. Political party names stifle thought and ideas, as do the empty vessels disguised as humans that they use to get their party point across. They restrict and limit a future we have funded at our own expense for them to live in at our expense.

Labour, Conservative, Liberal and whatever else we get thrown at us have never worked ever, they are flawed to some greater or lesser degree, leaving us with the lesser of the three evils and letting us know that neither evils better than the other, they are just here to show us what doesn't work. They are words that are past their sell by date as they describe their single definition of their vision when we as people are diverse and have multiple personalities which define our individuality. 

What matters to us surely are ideas that work that are tried by trial and error, ideas either work or they dont. If Labour and Conservative were called ideas as opposed to political parties they would have been binned years ago as being out of date and ineffective and a waste of our time, fatally flawed ideas. We will continue to be addicted to this mind numbing predictability we are force fed by these these fools who want to rule us as long as we are happy to let someone else be responsible for us.   

Rosa parks was not accompanied by a politician on that bus and Ghandi got beaten to pieces by an Army representing a political party and our country, dont trust a single one of them, make your own salt. The people have the power, not the words Conservative, Liberal, or Labour. 

I hope they never build that terminal. 




Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule - and both commonly succeed, and are right.  ~H.L. Mencken, 1956

Tamsin Omond did a great talk at the Do Lectures about the damage Aviation does to the environment. here it is below, please make a little time in your day to check it out.

Tea manifesto

  • Posted by howies
  • 9 January 2009

i am a tea junkie.

right now i am doing my normal january thing - no choc, no coffee, no alcohol and no tea.

i miss the no tea the most.

i made everyone a cuppa tea this morning, including myself out of habit.

then had to watch it go cold as i remembered it was january.

anyway, i saw this the morning.


we even get a mention.

pete, if you are reading this, lets ask them to do a piece for the catalogue.

pete, if you are not reading this, where are ya?

Manifesto of the Tea Appreciation Society 

1. We want to sing the love of tea.

2. The essential elements of our poetry will be loose leaf tea, boiled water, a tea pot, a china cup and a biscuit.

3. Literature has up to now magnified idleness, and slumber. We want to exalt these slow movements of ecstasy, feverish boiling of the kettle, the pour, the perilous stir, the rattle and the clink of the spoon.

4. We declare that the splendour of the world has been enriched by an old beauty: the beauty of tea.

5. Beauty exists only in considered brewing. There is no masterpiece that has an aggressive character. Poetry is not a violent assault on the forces of infusion.

6. We want to glorify peace - the only cure for the world - militarism, patriotism; these destructive gestures kill the beautiful ideas of the human race.

7. We want to visit museums and libraries, encourage philosophy.

8. We will sing of the great crowds agitated by work; the revolt, smashing the supermarkets; we will rejoice in the baking of bread; the polyphonic surf of revolutions in modern music as we play our ukuleles: the nocturnal vibration of the worms in our compost; our spirits suspended from the clouds by the thread of cup in sleeve tea bags; and the gliding flight of creativity whose propeller sounds like the sipping of enthusiastic tea drinkers.

Graydon Carter

  • Posted by howies
  • 10 December 2008

I bought my first copy of vanity fair over a year ago

The editor

The editor

I read the editor's letter and laughed and nearly cried as this guy tore into George Bush like I have not seen in a mainstream magazine.

thinking it was a one off, but hoping it wasn't, I bought another one.

and another one.

and another one. and so on.

it wasn't a one off. 

every month without fail, but with a humour that just gets to me, he just explains why george bush has been the worse president in american history.

this month he rails about what president bush is doing before he leaves office. trying to write 130  new regulations to weaken or undermine federal laws protecting their environment, civil liberties and personal liberties. 

'it's the environmental equivalent of stuffing the china and silverware into your suitcase before clearing out of the guest room'

positive energy

  • Posted by howies
  • 20 November 2008

right now the boffins are busy.

they are working on the future of the planet.

to get some answers before the tipping point (c'mon mister gladwell, do a do lecture)

they are working on solar paint.

they are working on solar that works at night.

they are working on a better battery - more important than you would think.

they are working on how algae could power a light bulb.

they will soon have a new american president who gets it and will support it. (Generation O)

the good news the next fortunes will be made from cleaner energy.

self interest is important to attract the biggest brains for the biggest problem on earth.


the clock is ticking

the clock is ticking

The War Against "Cold Fusion"

  • Posted by tim
  • 10 November 2008

Not only can religion at times be full of dogma that avoids dealing with things as they exist and appear to us as its beliefs sometimes seek to limit our way of life, so science also suffers at times from the same attitudes and inhibitions to the progress of human endeavour that seeks to find better solutions to the way we conduct our existence here on earth. Most of the time those who seek to destroy theories that have been tried and tested (but are new and threaten the old ways) have the most to lose if they are proven to be true in some way. This has been very true of the story and scientific development of proof of the existence of " Cold Fusion." 

Cold Fusion has been given a hard time since it's discovery in the 80's and for good reason, there are a lot of big time governments, institutons and individuals who would profit a lot more if it hadn't been discovered and it has been these factors that have prevented it from being more widely known. Imagine for example a process where all the harmful by products from Nuclear reactors could be transformed to a harmless byproduct from this new discovery. Imagine a car being able to run thousands of miles on a single thimble full of water. All this and more, all pollution free. There is a great documentary on Pons and Fleishman's discovery.  All you have to do is register on line here It's called "The War Against Cold Fusion." 

I also bought a 1965 Moulton at the weekend, with luggage racks front and rear and a sturmey archer three speed hub. now i can do my shopping in town on the bike.

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