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St Davids Day

  • Posted by howies
  • 1 March 2011

Today is St David's day, so this morning on the way to work I called into the baker to get fresh Welsh cakes, Kim had the same idea, so now we have lots of fresh warm Welsh cakes to have with our morning cup of tea.

Happy St David's day everyone


  • Posted by dan
  • 3 February 2011

Brings a few changes in lifestyle for some.

After december any aches and injuries left over start to take their
toll. The most common being 'shin bang' (basically sore shins from
skiing hard every day.) My friend Josh is adamant he's found the
solution, that being his girlfriends epilator! Not the most glamorous
thing in the world, and yes I do give him stick for it.

The main change I seem to have made is a talent to eat even more
than usual. For anyone who knows me thats already quite a lot of
food! I have therefore developed a new type of fast food now known
as 'the seasonaires pasty' Yes it is a pasty, except it fills a
large dinner plate.

During December we did lots of skiing, falling over and finding our
skiing legs again. This season Josh and I have entered some
freeride ski competions around Switzerland so we are now just trying
to push oursleves to do better lines, bigger cliff drops and of
course have as much fun along the way!

Here is a nice shot from a thin line which I found along the top of
a cliff , up until the drop off point the width of the ledge was
only about a 1.5metres wide with a slight hangover above my head.....

Engelberg gets tracked out very fast as it's a really popular area
for 'freeride skiing' So a few days after the fresh snow I got my
touring skis out and spent some hiking and skiing fresh powder where
there is no lifts.

These are the days when you really do need your map, and your
compass, your avalanche gear and a trusty friend but your always
guaranteed some stunning scenery and untouched wintery white
landscape to ski on. Hike number one of the season was sometime
last week and below is the view from the top........

Next came the huge dump of powder! it didn't stop snowing for at
least three days so this is our perfect opportunity for some really
great skiing and practicing going as big and scaring ourselves as
much as we dare. So we head up the revolving lift which goes above
the famous glacier 'Steinberg' and I spot this great spot for a good
cliff drop. As we get half way up the lift some other guys are
beating us to it and we have to watch them ruin our landing. So
instead, we decide take the next cliff along which was a good 5
metres bigger, and from take-off to landing between measuring about
15-20 metres.....quite a bit out of our comfort zone! But you only
live once hey!

Here is the take-off and landing shots below: (taken from a video
clip so the quality isnt great)

This was probably the best powder day we had seen all season. By the
end of the day we all had seriously sore shins from dropping cliffs
and I also had a little tangle with some rocks which ended in the
worst dead leg just below my hip

To finish off the perfect weekend me and a friend Dani went for a
really nice ski tour yesterday. Starting at 9am, we were the first
people up there, hiking fresh tracks. Taking it quite easy as I
still had a really sore bum and leg!

It was a stunning day, with the misty clouds bringing more snow but
as we arrived nearer the top we came above the snow clouds and into
the sun shine which created a kind of crystalized view of everything
and a real mystic feel to the mountain.

We arrived at the top at midday just in time for lunch. Now thats
what I call healthy eating!

Needless to say, the ski down was perfect in every way.

So thats pretty much it for this month. In the meantime I have some
portraits to paint from life, some more ski touring planned, and a
whole lot of exploring to do.

For those of you who have never experienced the mountains in winter
time it really is something special!

> www.danyeomans.com
> www.danyeomans-art.com

‘Puffer video

  • Posted by ruben
  • 25 January 2011

Here's a nice little edit Alastair put together of our Scottish adventure.

Feel free to fast forward over any bits of my speaking. I know I did.

Check out Al's site here for more of the stuff he's up to at the moment, including his A to Z of London food micro-adventure which I think is a really great idea. Sampling the world's food and 'traveling the world without crossing the M25'.

Some Small Spaces

  • Posted by james m
  • 23 December 2010

This past week I have been evading the snow and cold and instead touring around some of Andalusia’s smaller pockets of mountain biking, whilst attempting to avoid heat stroke in shorts and t-shirt and sipping ice cold beers... Well not quite but the sun shone for the whole week.

Travel has been in a very small van. I slept a night in the small room at my sisters house, 1 night in a small cave, 2 nights on a small floor space in the corner of a small apartment and 1 night in a small bed in a hut.

And I saw a full size man in a very small car.

That man was Jason Wolfe who we (myself and Rowan Sorrell) bumped into just after arrival, and kindly let us stay in his amazing Malaga apartment in the central Plaza, our only night of luxury in the week (I slept on a large sofa)!

We spent a day riding the trails near the city whilst awaiting Mark Huskisson [of Reset films], ate pizza and supped a few Alhambra Verde’s (best beer anywhere), then the next morning we trundled out of the city and into the hills for a week of filming in El Chorro (beautiful), Granada (freeeeezing) and up into Bubion (backward) and La Alpujarra where I lived for 3 years doing a guiding job.

Nice to see nothing much changes in Spain – they certainly have the right idea down there. Tostadas, café solo and the great Spanish work ethic (..work..? ¿Qué?) certainly lured us in a bit more than Mark probably would have liked, but we got some great days filming in the end and had a fun time doing so.

Here’s to Spain and life at a slower pace.

Feliz Navidad!

Elsie can cook as well as surf

  • Posted by emma
  • 7 December 2010

Our lovely surf team rider Elsie Pinniger has sent us all an early Christmas present of some deliciuos home made muesli bars.

Yum yum we are going to put the kettle on and get stuck in.

Thanks Elsie.

Doh boy army: Operation Sheffield

  • Posted by hollie
  • 18 November 2010

Last week i blogged about Doh boy's latest mission - marching up to Sheffield to continue the ongoing fight for a return to simple baking, y'know, simpler times - where all they used was a handful of ingredients and a bit of patience.

Anyway, John at LITF sent me over an email to let me know how it all went - along with a few photos that i probably shouldn't have looked at before lunch...as they've made me massively hungry!

Here's what he had to say -

"Doh Boy had a great time in Sheffield on Saturday. With a little help from the Lost in the Forest Institute, Dan from the Handmade Bakery and Colin from the Archer Project, team Doh Boy made fresh, fat-free bread for everyone at Interesting North.

We made plenty of dough (for over 140 people) and plenty of dough (£700 for the Archer Project).

We all got up at 4am on Saturday, got down to the bakery and started mixing dough, shaping rolls and making soup. We were done by 11, giving us a couple of hours to get everything set up in the dining hall, then ferried everyone from the talk over to the Archer Project (the howies tees made that super easy, we just had to point to the next green tee).

Everyone had couple of bowls of soup and a few rolls each, so everyone was full. Probably wouldn't have wanted to be the speaker on after lunch, because I imagine everyone fancied a little nap, but the bread and soup probably kept everyone going to the end of the day.

...So hopefully we'll have converted quite a few people to fat free, hand made bread"

Good work guys, Doh Boy would be proud.

The best thing since (un)sliced bread

  • Posted by hollie
  • 12 November 2010

Doh Boy is leading the fight for a return to simple.

To good old fashioned bread that tasted of something and yet contained no fat.

He and his army are on the move again and will be marching to Sheffield tomorrow, filling the bellies of hungry people at the Interesting North talks with the help of Dan McTiernan from The Handmade Bakery
John and a few of the guys from the LITF Institute are going to be on hand helping Dan with all the kneading and baking - making sure that no one sneaks off to the nearest supermarket for a sandwich by giving them some of that proper hand made bread along side some soup.

Tom and Tidy in the printshop have printed them their very own Doh Boy uniforms to wear too (under Doh boy's strict instructions)

On top of that, all the proceeds will be going to The Archer Project, who help the homeless and vulnerable.

If you aren't off to the talks tomorrow, you can always give the old handmade bread a crack at home - here's Doh boy's very own recipe. - although the guys at LITF have advised using 20g of salt, rather than the 30g stated...(bad Doh boy!)

God that Handmade Bakery website looks good.

Oil and Water

  • Posted by ruben
  • 29 October 2010

Just found this, pretty clever -

Anthony Burrill & Purple Monkey Design in New Orleans went and scooped up a bunch of the oil BP spilt into the Gulf of Mexico and used it to print these posters... find out more here


  • Posted by hollie
  • 14 October 2010

If there are two things in the world i am a big fan of, it's food and photography.

If you are in London at all today then please go along to St Pancras International station and see the amazing Carl Warner's Foodscapes exhibition.

I was in London just last weekend and am a bit gutted i missed out on this one. He's a British still life photographer who creates insane landscapes entirely out of food.

The exhibition is totally free, and he'll even be at there at the station, working on, and then unveiling a brand new lanscape that's made entirely out of chocolate.

click here to visit Carl's website.

hmmm... i'm hungry.

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