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This November, howies Carnaby Street's Staircase Gallery features work from The Frootful Art Ensemble, including work from Millie Marotta (http://www.milliemarotta.co.uk/), Nick Radford (http://www.frootful.co.uk/) and Bobby Evans (http://store.telegramme.co.uk/)

"The Frootful Art Ensemble is the live 6-piece band fronted by Frootful. The live format includes Nick Radford (Frootful) on guitar; Adam Gibbons (Lack of Afro) on alto sax and percussion; Angeline Morrison (The Ambassadors of Sorrow) on vocals; plus double bass, drums and tenor sax / flute. Expect sharp suits, a knockout vocalist, and a swinging soul / jazz / R&B / ska set aimed squarely at the dancefloor."

Drop by the shop to see some lovely prints and Frootful tour posters, available throughout November :) .

Paris Vol. 5

  • Posted by ruben
  • 23 September 2010

Just stumbled across this stunning stop motion animation of Paris by Thom & Vin of @seventhmovement

I highly recommend watching this in HD and reading their story on the video page over here.

This is the intro -

Entry from July 27, 2009 "We are jet-lagged and exhausted. The alarm blared at 4:30 am. Without opening my eyes I hit the snooze. "Just five more minutes" I told myself… "Lets go dude" a groggy voice commanded from the background. I didn't move. Out of nowhere, a pillow slammed down on my head, the mattress is lifted out from under me, and I hit the hardwood floor just missing my camera bag. "Ugh not again" I thought, but I knew he was right, we needed to hustle across the city and get our cameras rolling before sunrise. "

Carnaby supports OK Go

If you are a howies blog regular, you’ll already know that the Carnaby section of our company has a slightly obsessive appreciation for anything dog related. We’ve got books, puzzles, PDSA cuddly toys and several animal rescue sites bookmarked for easy access. I thought we were approaching any dog lover’s limit.

Then OK Go stepped it up with their new video.

We have some catching up to do.


Mars Is A World of Wonders

A friend showed me these amazing videos from The Symphony of Science. All your favourite scientists autotuned to beats.. amazing!

Sinead x


Throwdown Threes

Happy Friday Everyone.. here are our choices this week.

Emma's Choice


Jeff's Choice


My Choice


PS   Here's one more just to get your feet twitching... enjoy!  Sinead x




So...Glastonbury has kicked off!

Every year I say I'm going to get tickets, and then cop out because buying them seems like such a rigmarole.  There is way too much forwards planning involved for my liking!  But I'm saying it again "next year I will go".

This years line-up looks pretty damn awesome...so in dedication a Glastonbury edition throwdown threes (as we haven't had one in a while now!)

On the Jazz World Stage- Mos Def...(he'll have a full band with him, should be epic) ;feature=related[/youtube]

On the John Peel Stage tomorrow- Wild Beasts... ;feature=related[/youtube]

And of course...Gorillaz [/youtube]

Whatever you're doing this weekend- have some fun in the sun :)

nice bloke, nicecream

  • Posted by ade
  • 7 June 2010

The pace on Saturday was true slow summer.

A sweltering  day at the urdd eisteddfod with a picnic lunch watching performances.

Back into Aberaeron in the evening for great fish and chips in a seaside town.

An amble round the harbour to get an ice cream.

We went to The Hive on the Quay who have been selling sell renowned honey ice cream for 40 years . We were served by Sannan who turned out to be a true howies fan and a truely nice bloke.

We sat on the harbour wall and watched the sun over the Irish sea.

Roll off Autumn.

more books

  • Posted by howies
  • 3 June 2010


Talking of books its Hay festival this week coming, if you're off to Hay, have fun in the sun, if you want to know more have a look what's going on on their site.


Lots of inspiring thing to see including the amazing Laura Marling, she's playing tonight, if you're going to see her have a great time.

If you don't know about Laura check her out on her website, watch her videos, they're gorgeous.


what can we do with our mouths?

  • Posted by howies
  • 16 May 2010

On Friday night I went out to a gig at the Passing Clouds in Dalston called One Day in May.  It was a charity event to raise funds for The Medical Foundation and Encompass, with the likes of Lazy Habits, The Drop, Bunty and King Porter Stomp playing.

It was an awesome night...dancing till the wee hours.  Very tired the next day but so worth it!

When I used to live in Brighton a few years ago I saw Bunty perform a few times.  She uses just her voice an an effects pedal to create the most beautiful harmonies!  So it was a real treat to see her perform again.  She's touring a lot this summer, so if she's in your neck of the woods check her out.

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