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howies in the Big Apple

  • Posted by howies
  • 3 July 2009


My sis has been over in New York for a while. I gave her some stickers to tag up the place.


  • Posted by howies
  • 3 July 2009

Today I cycle out of Wales and up through to Liverpool and aiming towards the lakes.

I've been thinking a lot about journeys. I think they are all about discovery, finding out about ourselves mostly, but also learning new stuff everywhere you look. There is no doubt that you miss so much flying along roads in a car. On a bike you can stop pretty much anywhere, you drift though landscapes and miss very little (ok the hills are a bit tricky).

Some people are travelers and I suppose do this kind of thing all the time. But, as Andrea from Brooks saddles says, I'm your average bloke on the street, and I reckon we get the chance to do a big journey once or twice in a lifetime. So I'm still pretty much at the beginning of my trip around the coast of Britain, but I can see it's a special thing to do, and I would say that anyone who sees an opportunity to take on a journey should grab it. You don't know if it might come around again.

These baby swallows were in the shed where I kept my bike when I stayed with David and Clare in Cardigan a few days ago. My journey seems like a big deal, but they will travel back and forward to Africa several times in their lifetime and think nothing of it.

Your Photos

  • Posted by ruben
  • 1 July 2009

I love getting mail from readers of brainfood and howies customers.

Especially when they send in photos like this one from Sally in Cornwall -


Sally says this photo sums up everything she love about living in Cornwall, and I can see why.

If you have some photos or a nice story you'd like us to hear about, send them in! ruben (at) howies (dot) co (dot) uk.

And remember, my Chicken photo competition is still open, but I'll be picking a winner later this week so if you want a chance to win the book, get your entry over to me now!

The James Bowden photographs, from his amazing travels to China, have been taken down in place of a new exhibition.

We are proud to be displaying the work of photographer Dave Allies- Curtis.  His project Unity In Diversity, focuses on the richness and beauty of Yew trees.

daveallies-curtisCome in store and check out his stunning prints... or alternatively if you can't make it, then have a look at his website.

deepest darkest Peru

  • Posted by mark
  • 24 June 2009


In 6 days time im off to Peru for a month, i've never been to South America before so i can't wait to get there.

I'm flying to Lima and then after a few days making my way to Cusco by bus to begin the Inca trail.

I've got new shoes, new bag, loads of merino a toothbrush but not much of a clue!

Anyone got any words of wisdom before i get myself in a whole heap of bother 4200 metres above sea level???

gritting the tunnel

  • Posted by howies
  • 23 June 2009

The tunnel underneath Waterloo train staition has become an urban art gallery of sorts.  The tunnel has featured a regularly changing display of work from international graffiti artists over the past year, since it was opened.  And this August gritting will be the new attraction!  Gritting (yarn bombing/graffiti- knitting/urban knitting) is the use of knitted or crocheted cloth to modify and beautify urban outdoor surroundings.


If you are an urban knitter or graff artist, and want to get involved, then you are invited to take part on August 1st.  The aim is to create a compliment of spray paint and yarn, to develop an amazing collaboration in this exhibition space.

For more information follow this link on the i Knit London website.

Expensive is cheap*

  • Posted by howies
  • 23 June 2009

(*phrase from real madrid chairman)

right now, the brightest, the best leaders, the best thinkers, the most driven don't go into politics. so my question is this: would we get a better calibre MP and therefore better government if we paid them more?

talkin’ trash

  • Posted by howies
  • 20 June 2009

Finland is the land of talking trash bins evidently.  This summer there will be 8 talking bins dotted about the city of Helsinki.  The idea of them is to encourage people to throw away their litter.  Their topic of conversation ranges from politics, comedy to culture.

Each year it costs them 2 million euros to clean up the trash from Helsinkis' streets and parks.  This concept is aimed to help the city's litter problem at a time when tourism it as its peak.

The talking bins were first tried last summer and they were hailed a great success.

What do you recon...would it make you more conscious of throwing away your rubbish?

10 lessons from the road!


Alastair Humphreys explorer/adventurer extraordinaire has very kindly sent us one of his books to add to our ever expanding 'geeks corner'.

here's a little bit about it from the man himself......

“I had so much time on the road to reflect on why I was doing my ride, what had motivated me to begin, what I was learning on the way, and what challenges I hope to take on in the future.
In this book I have broken down these lessons into 10 simple chapters, illustrated with experiences from my journey and stunning photography that is sure to inspire and encourage.
10 simple points that led to the accomplishment of the biggest adventure of my life (so far), an accomplishment that in the beginning I felt was beyond me.
Why only 10 lessons? Because we all have just one life, and the clock is ticking fast. We can’t spend too long theorising about how we are going to live our lives. Better that we get out and live them! So 10 lessons should be enough for now. Let’s get on and ride the roads we have always dreamed of riding, before it’s too late.”

and here's his website... http://www.alastairhumphreys.com/

come and have a read!

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