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An Expedition Across Iceland

  • Posted by ruben
  • 10 November 2010

Alastair just sent over this video of his unsupported trek across Iceland with his friend Chris, by foot and packraft.

And here I am, at my desk.

Magic in the sky

  • Posted by howies
  • 9 November 2010

Last week I went on holiday to a place I had wanted to go since I was about 15 and my hubby (Steve) since he was 8 years old.

We just hadn't gotten round to it or something, anyway I sold my crappy car for peanuts and saved away knowing it was Steve's birthday coming up, it was all a suprise and I was so excited.

We went to Iceland, I wanted to see the landscape, the extremes, the people, taste the food and to see the Northern lights.

We went out on Wednesday night to see the lights and stood in darkness under mostly cloud which is not good for seeing them.

It had snowed that day, we managed to find a small spot of starry sky but nothing appeared.

We were not deterred,  Thursday night we went out again (Steves's Birthday), pure clear sky and we had a good feeling we would see them.

The clothing I was wearing was great for the first two hours then it got to midnight and it was freezing and all we had seen was a smear across the sky.

Then on a slow exposure (7 minutes on the camera) a green smear appeared which we could not even see.

We couldn't beleive our eyes, then a further 2 more 7 minute exposures of similar effects we could actually see them emerging.

It was subtle and slow at first then gradually got brighter and brighter and spread across the pitch black starry sky, like paint on a wet paper.

It was fantastic, what a birthday present, I love nature it's weird, unpredictable and so powerful.

We are now planning a summer trip camping and kayaking.

Here is a link to my Steve's photos

Find – The Mountain Bike Film

  • Posted by james m
  • 9 November 2010

Adventures are never ending, bike rides forever commencing.

Earlier this year I travelled to Tenerife with Dirt mag and Rowan Sorrell, bike rider, traveller and crafter of some of the finest bike trails Wales (and beyond) has ever seen.

I moved to Morzine in the Alps just after I turned 16 – I had a job cleaning bogs courtesy of a family friend – and at that time I entered mountain bike utopia. I was young and certainly naïve, but was fortunately well mentored by a good bunch of folk from all over the world.

One of those was Rowan, who I met on the hill one day and he showed me how a bike can be ridden with unbelievable style and grace – I can still remember being in awe of all the whips, tables and drifts that he pulled out in the space of one run, and all the more, how much fun Rowan was having.

Well, that was one day out of a summer that shaped the rest of my life, and now I continue to enjoy bikes and travel as much as ever, and it is so good to see that Rowan still shares that passion.

‘Find’ is a mountain bike film by Mark Huskisson, who joined us on the trip exploring Tenerife. Marks incredible filming skills along with his shared passion for bikes have come together in this film and captured, for me, the essence of it all. Not a high action, huckin’, flippin’ and spinnin’ freeride film, but rather the opposite – a calming, uplifting, motivating bicycle adventure captured.

This is the teaser, and those are Rowans voice and skills at the start. A real treat.

Film teaser by Mark Huskisson of Reset Films.

For making all my adventures possible, thank you to howies, Riders Refuge, Kingdom Bike and Shinny Racing. Here’s to many more.

Bike cave!

  • Posted by howies
  • 4 November 2010

Thought I'd share with you the pictures of an Aladdin's cave I stumbled across on an industrial estate in Cheddar. My Dad had spotted it so we thought we would have a quick ride over there, never in my wildest dreams did I expect to find what I did. A bike mountain! there are new bikes added to the pile every week so you never know what you are going to find when you turn up. From racers to mountain bikes he has it all. There are no bargains as he is on the ball with prices, but its worth it just to have a chat and geek out. That's your Sunday sorted...
Cheers then Matt/45

Oil and Water

  • Posted by ruben
  • 29 October 2010

Just found this, pretty clever -

Anthony Burrill & Purple Monkey Design in New Orleans went and scooped up a bunch of the oil BP spilt into the Gulf of Mexico and used it to print these posters... find out more here

my first shoot

  • Posted by hollie
  • 7 October 2010

Last week i went on my first howies photoshoot.

- Shooting a spring/summer catalogue in the blustery welsh autumnal weather you say? hmm.

Sure there was rain,

..and showers

...and maybe a bit of drizzle

but there were plently of sunny times too. I had a blast.

Took a few photos here and there. Below is an example of what happens when you let Lydia loose in a beach shop.

Thanks for letting me jump in the van guys.

Top Coffee Drinkers

  • Posted by ruben
  • 24 September 2010

With our latest T-Shirt of the Month featuring a caffeine based design, I've been thinking about coffee a lot today.

Earlier I asked our twitter friends what their favourite coffee was and I've had a ton of replies and found some cool new coffee brands like Has Bean, a coffee roaster based in  Stafford. Add your voice by messaging us on twitter over here @howiescardigan

It's got me thinking, though, who drinks the most coffee in the world?

So I did a bit of research and found this - the top ten coffee drinking countries ranked by average annual coffee drunk per person.

Rank Country Coffee Consumption
1 Finland 12.0 kg
2 Norway 9.9 kg
3 Iceland 9.0 kg (2006 data)
4 Denmark 8.7 kg
5 Netherlands 8.4 kg
6 Sweden 8.2 kg
7 Switzerland 7.9 kg
8 Belgium 6.8 kg
9 Luxembourg 6.8 kg
10 Aruba 6.8 kg (2006 data)

Finns sure love their coffee.

The UK clocks in at #47, drinking an average of 2.8kg per person per year.

Here's the T-Shirt of the Month, by the way: Men's or Women's

Wee Do Recap – Wil Gritten

On Tuesday night Wil Gritten came in to give a talk on his new book, Letting Go, about his travels through South America. He spoke about about facing fear, hard work and happiness, as well as reading some bits of the book (complete with convincing Venezuelan accents).

It turned out Wil was facing one of his fears in doing the talk, but it ended up being a relaxed, funny and enlightening evening. Even the dogs loved it.

Thanks go out to Wil, Parthian Publishing and everyone who came down to the shop to see it. Hope to see you at the next one!

Paris Vol. 5

  • Posted by ruben
  • 23 September 2010

Just stumbled across this stunning stop motion animation of Paris by Thom & Vin of @seventhmovement

I highly recommend watching this in HD and reading their story on the video page over here.

This is the intro -

Entry from July 27, 2009 "We are jet-lagged and exhausted. The alarm blared at 4:30 am. Without opening my eyes I hit the snooze. "Just five more minutes" I told myself… "Lets go dude" a groggy voice commanded from the background. I didn't move. Out of nowhere, a pillow slammed down on my head, the mattress is lifted out from under me, and I hit the hardwood floor just missing my camera bag. "Ugh not again" I thought, but I knew he was right, we needed to hustle across the city and get our cameras rolling before sunrise. "

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