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A Microadventure on the Tube

  • Posted by alex
  • 13 June 2013
Adventure needn't be big, expensive or complicated. Adventure can be found right on your doorstep. In fact it's really easy and it's really fun.

A couple of weeks ago, our old friend Al came down to see us and take us out on some Microadventures. We headed out and spent 2 nights kipping in bivvy bags out in the wild. And now we want you to get out there too.

Adventure needn't be big, expensive, far away or complicated.

You could leave work, head to your local tyre shop, inflate a tractor inner tube and float down the river to cook dinner and sleep on the beach.

You don't need lots of kit either. You can use a survival bag instead of a bivvy, or use blankets if you don't have a sleeping bag. You could even eat a pub on the way so that you don't need a stove or cooking utensils.

Join In With The Summer Of Microadventure

On the night of June 21st (or around then if you can't make it) grab a friend, a colleague, or go on your own. Head for the countryside by bike, on foot, by train, canoe or however you like. Sleep out under the stars and have fun.

Whilst on your microadventure (or when you arrive home), post a photo or video of your adventure on the Microadventures Facebook page, or use the hashtag #microadventure on Twitter, Instagram or Vine.

The top 3 microadventures will win prizes too.

It's as simple as that.

A howies Microadventure on the tube - inflating tubes

A howies Microadventure on the tube - floating downstream

A howies Microadventure on the tube - arrived safe

A howies Microadventure on the tube - time to cook

A howies Microadventure on the tube - fire

A howies Microadventure on the tube - home for the night

Here are some inspirational Microadventure videos from some of you too, from last time we asked to you head out on a Microadventure.

A-to-B. Via C.

  • Posted by alex
  • 20 June 2012

Routine can be a good thing, but I recently realised I've been stuck in the grind of A-to-B: Ride to work. Work. Ride home.

The routine has been broken a little in preparation for racing in Italy. So A-to-B has had a little B-to-B loop added at lunch, but last night reminded me it's a lot more fun when A-to-B goes via C. Especially when you don't know where C might be.

I live about 1 mile from work and it took nearly 2 hours to get home via a 30 mile detour on roads I've never seen, over hills I've never climbed and getting lost at a crossroads I couldn't get back to with a map, let alone without one.

Finding myself a little lost, faced with uphill one way and downhill the other, the temptation was to take the easy way out and roll down. But with the setting sun as my only bearing, onward and upward west was the order of the evening and eventually, all would be alright. At the summit, the Preseli's came into view in the distance with familiar-looking fields lining the river valley. It was clear I was heading back to B.

Today is the longest day. 16h 38m 20s of daylight (give or take). That's plenty of time to take the long way home.

Ever wondered where A-to-B might take you if you go via C?

Torch run

  • Posted by aron
  • 25 May 2012

The Olympic torch will be making its way through our little town this Sunday.

So we did a new shop window display to help the runner along.

Bristol Sample Sale this weekend

  • Posted by ade
  • 16 April 2012

We are heading back to Bristol this weekend to do a howies sample sale at the bottom of Park street. We will be in here, number 30 on the right as you are heading uphill. It's only a 15 minute walk from Temple Meads rail station too.

The space is not as big as usual, so you won't be able to get your bike in.  And if Thursday is it's usual busy self, you may be in the queue for a bit. But we are around for 4 days, and not everything will be out on the first night.

As before there will be some amazing bargains,  last-in-the-box pieces from seasons past, unique samples of items that were never put in to production, prototype samples and maybe things that need a button or a stitch.

The sale will run:

Thursday 19th April: 4pm to 8pm

Friday 20th April: 10.00am to 6pm

Saturday 21st April: 10.00am to 6pm

Sunday 22nd April: 11.00am to 4pm

But remember, as always, stock is limited so if you want the first stuff out the box, be the early bird.

Oh and bring a bag to take your purchases home in.

Follow Your Front Wheel.

  • Posted by hollie
  • 8 March 2012

Tomorrow is my last day at howies.

I joined howies after moving back home fresh from graduating from university in Cardiff, with the plan to ‘work for a little bit, to earn enough money to move back to the city’ ….. that was almost four years ago.

This weekend marks a big change with a permanent move to the dazzling lights of Bristol – so not too far away, but far enough away to feel a bit of a culture shock, that may sound strange to most people as it’s hardly New York, but when you’ve lived in a tiny little town with the same faces for most of your life it is. I’m not a town mouse by any standard.

The fact buses still run services past 6pm in some places still outstands me.

I’m leaving Cardigan on a reflective note, growing up in a small town you have a sense of “I can’t WAIT to move away to some civilisation!” - or even the fact that the nearest McDonalds was over an hour away always seemed so unfair - kids eh!

But now, whether it’s just a sign of growing older, or the fact that since graduating I’ve developed a passion for photography so appreciate the area’s beauty a little more, I look back on growing up here and remember the long summer holidays at the beach and everything else in between that makes me realise this place isn’t quite so bad after all.

I have quite a lot to thank howies for, as a student my main focus for buying anything tended to be money orientated - rather than where it was from and how it came to be, but working here has taught me the importance of provenance- whether it be food, clothing, fabrics, whatever – I’d like to think I’m a bit more clued up on how the world works so can make better consumer decisions as a result. Also I’ve been lucky enough to help out on the past few photoshoots which has been an amazing experience, working with talented buggers like James Bowden and Paul Calver , then seeing some of my work on the shiny new website, which felt like a pretty sweet moment, so thank you for that.

Of course the other main reason to thank howies is also the reason why I’m leaving howies – When the Bristol shop opened a couple of years ago, they employed a young man named Will.

The rest, as they say, is Gavin & Stacy-esque history.

So thanks howies – thanks to the office, to Lou & Hazel for sticking pins in me and drawing on me with biro to alter clothes for production, To Tomos for sharing my love of Karl Pilkington podcasts, to nathan and julia for double checking my sums, To Ruben & Alex for ANYTHING system, camera or computer related (and believe me there were a lot of questions) the caffitiere for making mornings and late night overtime shifts go a little easier, PG for lacing important emails with humour, to the warehouse for putting up with the all parcels I’ve flung at them, to Tidy for Bristol pep talks and massive laughs on staff outings, to the creative boys – Pete for his HILARIOUS on going joke & Aron for mutual family guy love and laughs, Ade for giving me the push I needed, and finally of course thanks to Emma & James, you guys are basically just donuts.

hollie x


2011 - A year in pictures

  • Posted by alex
  • 20 December 2011

A year of lunchbreakouts.
A year of first Marathons.
A year of races.
A year of Microadventure.
And the year a World Champion raced for howies.


Chris Ultra

A year for riding harder.
A year for first Ultra's.
A year for (more) racing.
A year for adventure.
Then again, why wait until January...

Help needed...

No Power To The People

  • Posted by hollie
  • 11 November 2011

We'll be offline in the office from 11am until about midday today as we're moving some plugs and cables about - you can still order online no problem, but we won't be able to do phone orders or access the system here in the office - but if you need any help just call us on 01239 614122 and we'll give you a bell as soon as we're back up and running.

Now, what to do with that hour without any internet or power...any suggestions?

Weathermen say we're in for a cold snap. So it's a good thing our Winter jackets are on the way this November.

We've updated our classic BFJ down jacket and added an all-new midweight Whistler insulated jacket in there too. They are by far the best jackets we've made yet.

So keep a keen eye on our blogtwitter and facebook for more information on arrival dates. They'll be worth the wait, honest.



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