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Some Small Spaces

  • Posted by james m
  • 23 December 2010

This past week I have been evading the snow and cold and instead touring around some of Andalusia’s smaller pockets of mountain biking, whilst attempting to avoid heat stroke in shorts and t-shirt and sipping ice cold beers... Well not quite but the sun shone for the whole week.

Travel has been in a very small van. I slept a night in the small room at my sisters house, 1 night in a small cave, 2 nights on a small floor space in the corner of a small apartment and 1 night in a small bed in a hut.

And I saw a full size man in a very small car.

That man was Jason Wolfe who we (myself and Rowan Sorrell) bumped into just after arrival, and kindly let us stay in his amazing Malaga apartment in the central Plaza, our only night of luxury in the week (I slept on a large sofa)!

We spent a day riding the trails near the city whilst awaiting Mark Huskisson [of Reset films], ate pizza and supped a few Alhambra Verde’s (best beer anywhere), then the next morning we trundled out of the city and into the hills for a week of filming in El Chorro (beautiful), Granada (freeeeezing) and up into Bubion (backward) and La Alpujarra where I lived for 3 years doing a guiding job.

Nice to see nothing much changes in Spain – they certainly have the right idea down there. Tostadas, café solo and the great Spanish work ethic (..work..? ¿Qué?) certainly lured us in a bit more than Mark probably would have liked, but we got some great days filming in the end and had a fun time doing so.

Here’s to Spain and life at a slower pace.

Feliz Navidad!

Dan Yeomans Blog

  • Posted by dan
  • 23 December 2010

My new home is a nice apartment in a Swiss ski resort called Engelberg, an old creaky swiss chalet with front door step covered in ice and windows that let the howling wind through.

Apart from working we have had a few lovely days of powder snow and a little hiking in some perfect powder.

I'll be writing a monthly blog to keep you updated with some sweet photos and tasty video.

Here are a couple of photos of me and Ralph making our way to a nice fresh couloir and catching some beautiful scenery along the way.


  • Posted by hollie
  • 22 December 2010

….well, not really, you can of course still place your orders with us online.

But due to the lovely festive mix of bad weather, courier backlogs and our warehouse having their stock take, we aren’t going to be able to process or dispatch any orders until we’ve polished off all the mince pies and are able to waddle back to the office on the 29th of December (next Wednesday)

I’ll be in the office until about 5pm tomorrow, so if you need a hand with anything just give me a call (…well, not ‘anything’ … I can’t wrap your presents or make you mulled wine, but anything order-related I’ll do my best to help)

Have a very merry (white) Christmas!

Below is a picture my mate Fenrich took of a snowy looking Aberporth beach last night.  Beautiful.

Snow - Work = Play

  • Posted by ruben
  • 17 December 2010

Guide to snow

1cm - Can still get to work. Unsatisfying.

5cm - Schools closed, people start walking
like the marionettes from Thunderbirds.

10cm - Wear walking boots to work.
Snowmen appear on lawns.

15cm - Bike wheels collect ice and snow.
Braking gets interesting. Kettle works overtime.

20cm - Get your snowboard out and build the
biggest jump you can in the local park.

25cm - Head for the hills.

There are a few empty seats in the office today. The snow is coming back.

If you place an order over the weekend, we will get your parcel over the mountain to the
outside world on Monday and it should be with you by Christmas, depending on the snow.

Don't forget the 50 things under £50 offer, which is full of great last minute gift ideas.

See the Men's here
See the Women's here

Just to let you know, we're running low on a lot of sizes already so if
there's something you like, order now before it sells out.

Watch this…

  • Posted by ruben
  • 9 December 2010

Go and put the kettle on, make yourself a cup of tea and please watch this.

It has to be the most beautiful and moving surf video I've seen in a long time, maybe ever.

One of those glimpses into another world that makes you want to change your life, unless you're lucky enough to feel as passionate about what you do already.

Thanks to Lizzie on our Facebook page for linking me to this.

Happy Friday

  • Posted by howies
  • 19 November 2010

Outside its cold and sunny.....

......Inside howies HQ it's quiet, lots of people out of the office today.

It's Emma & Hollie on mail order working very fast and answering lots of calls today, mostly Emma at the moment as Hollie is out

Julia on accounts,

James and the boys downstairs

David on logistics,

Tom & Tidy printing your tees,

Aron in the graphics room

and me on design.

We're looking forward to the weekend, here's to Happy Saturday tommorow

Get Excited And Make Things (again)

  • Posted by ruben
  • 3 November 2010

Quite a long while back now, we printed this rather nice design by Matt 'blackbelt' Jones as one
of our T-Shirts of the Week.

It was rather popular at the time, and we've had more than a couple of people asking us
to reprint it since.

Well, we've finally bowed to your requests and it's back again.
This time on our Vintage Red blanks for men and women.

Men's Get Excited T

Women's Get Excited T

Even if you didn't see the original when we first put it up online, you may have seen a certain BBC
presenter wearing one of them recently on his new show, Man Lab.

Turn it Off

  • Posted by ruben
  • 21 October 2010

stitch by stitch

  • Posted by howies
  • 8 October 2010

I've just had some new protos in for next winters knitwear and I just had to tell everyone, they are amazing.

Its weird doing my job sometimes:

I have an idea

I draw it

I create a coloured drawing of it

We argue about it should it be in or out

I create a technical drawing of it

I create an excel specification sheet and send it to our supplier

I send artwork (this was artwork created from scratch, stitch by stitch) to our supplier

I wait a bit

I answer some questions

Then I get a proto, sometimes its bad and sometimes its great

Then I remember that through all these processes there was an idea, a vision and now I have a thing which I have designed and has been created for us.

And you get to wear it all next year :-)

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