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the howies store, bristol

Beach ride

  • Posted by howies
  • 7 October 2010

Here are a few pictures from a great weekend down on the Kent coast.
It started with the internet purchase of a £40 pound old Peugeot racer (bargain) I spent a day fixing it up in my grandads shed, which is heaven -the tools are all antique, and everything smells of oil and varnish. It took a while but the bike fixed up a treat

The second it was finished I took it to the beach for a rainy ride. I was the only idiot there but I had the biggest smile on my face

Then the sun came out, my Dad finished work and rode down. He has just bought a mountain bike and has got the bike bug -which is perfect as father son time now involves a ride. Chuck that in with beach time and I'm happy.

I've always beach-combed since I was a little kid and my lass makes jewellery out of what I find. It's the most relaxing and satisfying thing to do and it's mad what the tide brings in. This hoard includes a plastic hand and half a china joker's face. To sum it up I'd say a perfect day -it couldn't be more stress free.

Cheers then Matt/45


  • Posted by howies
  • 6 October 2010

The month of Movember (formerly known as November) is quickly creeping up on us and plans for the 'Month of the moustache' are starting to take shape. Here in the Bristol shop we will be dedicating our gallery space upstairs to artwork influenced by the mighty moustache in order to support the international campaign for awareness of Prostate cancer. 

This is the first shout out for all of you to get your creative caps on and start thinking about possible moustache masterpieces that can be featured in our collaborative exhibition. It is definitely a case of 'the more (moustaches) the merrier'... if only to ensure that Matt H and his eggs with tache's don't take over the show. As you can see, anything goes... illustration, painting, sculpture, photography, film and eggs.

Watch this space for more info on Movember in Bristol, but until then take a look at Movember's website.

Spent a bit of time (maybe too much time) last night drawing some eggstra characters... 

Illustration Exhibition

  • Posted by howies
  • 4 October 2010

Friday night saw the launch of our new exhibition in our gallery space upstairs. The exhibition features 12 of howies favourite Illustrators and showcases a selection of their work, both past and present. To celebrate this creative reunion, we have had a limited print t-shirt made up with our doodling friends rewriting the howies logo. If you didn't make it on Friday night you may have missed out on organic cider, scones and brownies...but you still have the rest of the month to pop in, check out the work and grab yourself a t-shirt.

Launch party

  • Posted by howies
  • 29 September 2010

       This Friday at the Bristol shop we will be launching our October exhibition. This will see 12 of howies favourite Illustrators coming together and exhibiting their work, old and new, in the gallery space upstairs.

Come along on Friday evening between 6 and 10pm and join us for an end-of-the-week/ start-of-the-weekend drink from our friends at Bath Ales. See you there!

Weekend bike fix

  • Posted by howies
  • 24 September 2010

As its Friday i thought id leave you with a bike-based post for over the weekend. First off I've finished my first film since working at howies and I'm pleased as punch with it. It follows the No Gears boys as we rode to Belguim on fixed gear bikes to watch the Tour De France, which was epic. Its in full HD so I suggest letting it buffer, then enjoying it with a brew, its short and sweet at only 5 minutes long.

I've also made a flickr for the Bristol shop so all those that cant make it to our amazing shows can check them out online, so enjoy the photos from the brilliant bike show we have on at the moment, and keep your eyes peeled for future events.


Have a good weekend!

Cheers then Matt/45


                             Ah yes, you know you love Point Break. Surfing, Keanu firing his gun in the air like a proper div and of course Patrick 'snake hips' Swayze.Tonight, as part of Bristol's first Cycle Festival- Richard from Sustrans and some friends are hosting a totally wacky outdoor cinema event. They'll also have some surprises in store for you!


  • Posted by howies
  • 23 September 2010


Just spent an amazing week in Barcelona, so I thought id share these pictures with you of the street I stayed on. Any piece of land was either turned in to make-shift houses or city allotments. The local residents had a great system of leaving items they didn't want outside so other people could take them away. I spent all week just riding around painting and meeting people, I feel massively  inspired!

Cheers then Matt/45

Bristol Tea Party Sale

  • Posted by ruben
  • 22 September 2010

Calling All Bristolians

Our Bristol Shop will be holding a special one day
Tea Party Sale on the 23rd September (That's tomorrow, by the way).

The kettle will be on, the free cakes & biscuits will be waiting
and you'll be able to get 20% off everything in store.

The shop will be open from 9:30am to 6pm but we think the
cakes will probably all be gone by about 9:35am, so get there early.

See you then.

Click here for a map

Contact the shop directly: 0117 929 8928 or [email protected]

One Week Only!

  • Posted by howies
  • 18 September 2010

Just a reminder that we still have the cycling exhibition upstairs at the Bristol shop for another week.

There's loads of photographs, illustrations and even 40 bespoke cycling caps designed by local artists. (These are going to be auctioned off, but more about that later in the week!)

So if you haven't been to see it already, get down to the shop and have a look around.  If you ask nicely we might even put the kettle on!

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