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the howies store, bristol

low stock

  • Posted by howies
  • 26 November 2008

we are starting to get low on some stock or in some cases selling out completely.

our next shipment of merino is next feb, if you are after some, grab it while we got some.


Here is our on line download about our merino.

NBL Light LS

NBL Light LS


merino punked vest

merino punked vest


walton shirt

walton shirt

bristol shop. bad good day

  • Posted by ade
  • 25 November 2008

i rode to work today listening to the Tim Ferriss Do Lecture lecture. which basically went, you can achieve the impossible.

then i got to work to find that some of what we needed to do today could not be done.

people were just saying no.

so we pushed and pulled and picked and called and hounded and pleaded and begged and bribed and said please and turned a lot back into yes'.

tomorrow we convert more no's.

bristol shop and a to do list

  • Posted by ade
  • 24 November 2008
the bike repair kit that we will have in the shop donated by Mud Dock

the bike repair kit that we will have in the shop donated by Mud Dock

We have another busy week this week.

We have to open the Bristol shop. All we have left to do is fit the till, get the new front window glass fitted, take down the scaffolding, repair the entrance, paint the shop front and hang the sign, get the electricity connected, seal the wooden floor, fit the mirrors, pick 2000 items of howies clothing in the warehouse, price it, deliver it and display it, do all the branding in store, get the counter delivered and fitted, put up the banister on the stairs, hoover dust and mop, buy a telephone, fit the stereo system, dress the art gallery, get illustrators to draw on the walls, get a door mat and get the staff in. The only thing that could scuper our plans is the waterboard may not connect the water so the contractors won't let the public on site.

We have the sample sale to pick all the stock, pack the vans, go to London, set up and sell.

We have a late night shopping night in Carnaby street with 10,000 shoppers signed up to attend.

We have had new stock delivered that needs checking off and booking on.

And we have all the orders to pack from last Thursdays e-mail. Didn't think it would be so busy!

So customer service are working late again.

Creative are preparing to spend days and nights in Bristol creating.

The warehouse are starting early and finishing late picking, packing, picking, packing repeat to fade.

Everyone is working to nail it all.

Tomorrow when I have found the job number for the waterboard, I may ask the blog for help to pull some strings at Wessex Water.

bristol shop update

  • Posted by howies
  • 24 November 2008

We had a meeting this morning. We have 5 days to get everything done. Everyone is crazy busy.

Ade is over seeing everything (I don't envy him)

Anja is organising furniture upholstery, the denim stories, fabric dying...

Anna is going to fit the shop and working out where the 4000 products are gonna go

Clare keeps everything on the right track and communicates the vision

David keeps us going and dreams the vision

Emma does logistics and watches the buying stats

Nick H is doing graphics and artwork for the details

Nick R is going graphics and artwork for the walls

Pete is doing graphics for the product labels

Robin has to organise the lorry that's moving the stock to bristol

Teri is dying fabric, doing graphics, laying out the shop, designing door mats

we 'officially' have a bristol shop

  • Posted by ade
  • 5 November 2008

we signed the lease.

Thank you David, Clare, Chris, Geoff R, Tom M, Katherine, Kaitlyn, Greg S, Janko, King Crimmons, Michelle H, Stephen, Russell, Nick H, David B, Jen, Anthony, Martin, Jeff S and every single person in howies.

And to my wife and kids who have had to put up with a grumpy stressed old man. I will be like that until it's open I'm sorry.

It was SO hard but we did it.

All of us.

Now all we need is staff, IT, fixtures and fittings, stock, lights, a till, shelves.....

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