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the howies store, london

Make Friends With The Colour Blue

Blueprint's new video Make Friends With The Colour Blue is premiering on April 4th, and tickets are going on sale tomorrow at Slam City Skates.


They made a little promo featuring their latest pro, Marty Murawski, and plenty of others.


I am way excited.



  • Posted by howies
  • 23 February 2010

So tonight we have a Wee Do talk with Tom and Lara who wrote the blog World in Slow Motion, at the Carnaby store.  We still have a few free tickets left, so get in touch if you'd like to come along...should be a really great evening.

On a similar note...

A guy I know (Rowan) and his friend Billy are going to be travelling to Cairo using only overground travel.  The purpose of the trip- Rowan (a.k.a. Dizraeli) is an award winning rapper, who has been given an opportunity to perform Rebel Cell in Egypt.  He is an environmental activist and has vowed to never fly again....hence the trip...oh and his friend Billy is a documentary film maker who is going to accompany him.  They have built a website from which they will broadcast their journey as a daily blog, weekly video diary and finally documentary film.


So I was asked to help them promote it- if you can help to finance their trip in any way (they are having a fundraiser in Dalston, London on Wednesday night), follow their travels and most importantly take inspiration from how they are choosing to explore other coutries.  They really want to illustrate how easy train travel is in the hopes to make a positive impact.

So check out their website http://www.unplaned.com/

Wee Do - World in Slow Motion

In June 2008 Lara and Tom left London to travel around the world without the use of one particular mode of transport: the aeroplane.  

 Over the following ten months they travelled 45,000 miles, visited nineteen countries and amassed a rather nice collection of hats.

 Come and join Lara and Tom as they recount their adventures of attempting to make the full circumnavigation of the globe without once leaving the surface of the Earth.

 (You never know you might even get to try on one of their hats).

 Read more about their trip at www.worldinslowmotion.com

The talk is taking place here at the Carnaby Street shop on the 23rd February at 7:30pm sharp, If you would like to come along then send us an email at [email protected], call us on 0207 287 2345 or come and visit us in person, limited places are available so get in early with your request!

The usual selection of beverages will be available so come down, have a beer (or juice) and enjoy!

birds eye view

  • Posted by howies
  • 19 February 2010

On my lunch breaks I really enjoy trawling through the internet to find what random events are going on in London. 

Well today I stumbled across this film festival Birds Eye View- celebrating women filmmakers.  It's on at the BFI Southbank from the 4th- 12th March. (tickets are on sale through their website)

They have some amazing UK film premieres, that even if you cannot make it to the event are well worth a look.  I particuarly want to watch Amreeka- the story of a mother and son immigrating to the US in a post 9/11 world.  This film was written and directed by Cherien Dabis, Palistinian herself but brought up in the States.  Should be really thought provoking!

Here's a trailer for the festival itself... ;feature=player_embedded[/youtube]



We just got some exclusive t shirts printed (nice one tidy) to go with our SKETCH STANCE staircase gallery if you like the look of them then give us a ring at Carnaby Street 0207 287 2345 or come in and grab one quick smart as we only have a few, i'm wearin mine as i type.

£25.00 a pop.

Don't sleep!


for when it's peein' down!


we just received our first delivery of the new epic denim water resistant jeans and have been busy all morning installing our new window display, here's a little sneeky peek of how it's looking so far, more pics to follow!

me and jeff are getting a pair each tomorrow, so we'll keep you all updated on how we get on, now all we've got to do is pray for a bit of rain!

Coming soon...

Two documentaries I'm looking forward to this year:

Bad Brains Documentary, in final stages of production


Chasing Legends, documenting the 2009 Tour de France through the eyes of the Columbia HTC team


Any I should add to my list?

Jeff. ;feature=player_embedded">

Wee Do - Shared Interest


here's a taster of the Shared Interest lecture we had at the shop last week, there was some very interesting stuff about how a Fairtrade Co-operative really works.

information about our next talk will be up here shortly!


the new staircase gallery went up this weekend and for the next month is featuring the work of Russ Longmire aka SKETCH STANCE all illustrtions are up for grabs and come with their own fine charity shop frame...

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