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the howies store, london

rainforest pic 3
rainforest pic 4
On Tuesday 20th October we will be having the Rainforest Foundation coming in to give a talk on their work surrounding the protection of rainforests and tackling climate change. 

It should be a fantastic talk - the organisation have just celebrated their 20th Anniversary in London. 

Tickets are free - just give us a ring (0207 287 2345) or email ([email protected]) to reserve your ticket.  We will also have free organic beer (Pitfield) and fruit juice available. 

The talk will start at 7.30pm.  Look forward to seeing you there.

where the barrier hoodies are...


as of this very morning the Barrier Hoodies are available from both London and Bristol shops, they have been selling like hotcakes through mailorder so come and try on the cosiest and most water resistant hoody in existence!

A pile of books

  • Posted by howies
  • 9 October 2009


books photo

My wife and I did a car boot sale this past weekend.  It was successful for a number of reasons:

- We made (after entry fee and coffee) £75

- We got rid of pretty much everything

- We learnt that there are some serious early morning "Booters" who come as you are setting up equipped with torches, walkie talkies, and a keen eye for a bargain.....these people frightened us.

In the run up to getting ready for the sale (ie/ at about 11pm the night before) I was sorting through my books.  I fully admit that I have something of a problem when it comes to the purchasing of reading material.  I cannot go into a book shop without coming out with a book.  About a year ago, I had a serious clearout and took about 100 books to Oxfam (to try and balance my carbon footprint having moved them accross the US twice and once to London).

While scouring my bookshelf for potential car boot merchandise, I discovered a whole bunch of books that - for one reason or another - I had not got round to reading.  So it looks as though I will be good on the reading front for a while - sorry Mark (owner of the Kew Bookshop) I may not be around until some point in the new year!

PS - And yes, the wallpaper on my computer is Barbara from The Good Life.................

Nice company, nice bikes.......

  • Posted by howies
  • 5 October 2009

Whenever I think about a new bike, in particular a new mountain bike, my mind usually flits briefly to the possibility of purchasing a Moots.  However, that fantasy is usually checked within a few moments as reality once again gains the upper hand. 

Moots make lovely bikes.  They also make very expensive bikes.  However, you really do get what you pay for.  It is a family run business based in the truely beautiful Rocky Mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado - if you get the chance you must visit for the skiing/riding, flyfishing, hiking, mountain biking, breakfast, micro breweries.......and take a tour of the Moots building.

The Moots blog is also worth the occasional read.

So here is to good/faintly unobtainable taste on a wet monday evening in London!

Look out for Clay Marzo

  • Posted by howies
  • 5 October 2009

This awesome story appeared in the Independent over the weekend.  Clay Marzo is about to turn the surfing world on it's head with his fearless style and natural ability. 

The clarity of mind that he possess in a wave is in stark contrast to his difficulties when on dry land.  Clay was diagnosed with Asperger's a couple of years ago and, as a result, he finds social interaction difficult.  However, some believe that his condition may partially help to give him an edge in the water due to his ability to predict how a particular wave will break. 

His story is captured in a new film, which goes onto itunes next month, called Just Add Water.

the london paper library

  • Posted by howies
  • 3 October 2009

On the 21st of September a very resourceful group decided to set up thelondonpaperlibrary on the London Underground circle line.   As the London Paper free newspaper was forced to close on the 18th, the organisers saw this as an opportunity to inject another free choice for the London commuter to read. 

It was a mobile library- set up by the organisers and volunteer librarians.  Books were proped up along the windows; each with a library card inside, which read:

Welcome to thelondonpaperlibrary

Now that you have a book in your hands, it's yours to enjoy on your commute from work or wherever.

Read it till the next stop.  Take it with you till the last page.  Return it so we can all do this again.

To continue enjoying free libraries and a different commute:


The cards also had a list of links to websites for community events and other mobile libraries.  It was slightly tongue in cheek concept by the performer Shane Solanki, but It's a great idea and hopefully there will be another event soon!

Long Gone

the Kev Grey exhibiton went up on the staircase gallery this morning and looks boss, we have 8 origional drawings from the fair hand of this little scouse genius for the next 6 weeks.

we also have some fresh KG tshirts available throughout the course of the exhibit so don't miss out!

kev grey gallery 002

Come down and see for yourselves whilst trying on the newly arrived Tracker and Stroller jackets, eatin a free cake and suppin on a cold one!

Happy Birthday to us!

today is our 2nd birthday at the shop and to celebrate we have got some free cupcakes for our customers, baked freshly this morning by the lovely people at Crumbs and Doilies.

dont worry, we have done a taste test for you and they passed with flying colours!

cupcakes 005

 we've even got some limited edition customised howies ones so get down here quick smart!


cupcakes 004

also from 5pm onwards we will be serving up glasses of Eco Warrior beer and remember it's thursday so we're open until 8.00pm.

see you later!

ps. kettle's on.

Little Nugget.


This is a nice little short film called HI- Human Interface by Multitouch Barcelona. I saw it a few weeks ago at the BFI as part of a collection of short films that championed the time and effort of film makers who executed their ideas through handmade processes.

For anyone who uses their computer a lot this will make you grin.. enjoy.

(This is my first post by the way.. hi)


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