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ooh lookie

  • Posted by howies
  • 6 October 2008


Wow! I've only just found an amazing little corner of our site.

It's all about the 13up teen story.

Seriously gotta check it out: www.13up.howies.co.uk (or you can go to community > 13up)

Pretty darn cool.

Merino Stories

  • Posted by howies
  • 6 October 2008


Got all my merino back out this weekend.
I forget how wonderful this product is and
when it touches my skin and the warmth
hugs me, the love affair begins again.

I want to know your stories....
Want to hear about your love affairs
with merino, where you have taken it, what you use it for etc

send me some nice photo's of it too.
I can share some of them on the blog.

send them to me
[email protected]

I can fly!

  • Posted by pete
  • 4 October 2008


if you have ten minutes free, check out this compilation of clips featuring early attempts at flight, involving many weird and wondrous contraptions designed to aid personal aviation.

even if you don't have ten minutes, watch the first 50 seconds!

we're not here

  • Posted by ruben
  • 3 October 2008


the customer service team have closed up shop a little early today.

we're off to have a team-building shindig

last time we did this we ended up on an almost sinking ship, so we're hoping for better luck this time!

have a great weekend everyone, we'll be back on monday!

anyone got an oil drum?

  • Posted by howies
  • 3 October 2008


I need some help I'd really like to get hold of a few large (empty) oil drums/barrels.
They need to be relatively clean looking though a bit of flakey paint or rust is cool, just not too much.

Does anyone know of a really good welsh scrap yard? or maybe you've got a few knocking about on your farm?
Any help on this would be great you can email me on [email protected]
I've rung round a few places but the drums seem to disappear as quickly as I find them!

Thanking yous!


T-shirt of the week

  • Posted by howies
  • 3 October 2008

Think spandex,
Think moustaches,
Think shoulder pads,
Think neon coloured sweat bands,
Think freddy,
Think legwarmers,

Go disco dancing,
Go throw some shapes!

Penned by the fair hand of Millie Marotta this weeks t-shirt of the week pays homage to all theses things, so pull on a flash howies t-shirt and join in the retro fun.

Available on Black for men (with a yellow print) and women (with a purple print).

To buy men's here

To buy women's here

bristol glass stage 1

  • Posted by ade
  • 3 October 2008


they got it out without it breaking.

it took 12 men to lift it down. they think it weighed over 1/4 ton.

it's 10mm float glass that is made by floating it on oil to get it perfect, but means if it breaks that it comes down in huge sharp swords.

they are making the frame, and then have to lift it in.

half way to victory is not victory.


today, tom from folksy has come down from sheffield to take down the compettion entries.

to say thank you, he brought us a box of yummy pastries.

it was our pleasure!!

a stranger in the night

  • Posted by ade
  • 3 October 2008


i had just climbed into bed listening to the storm rage outside, when there was a banging at the door.

a big oak tree had come down across the road up from our house.

i cut off the crown and then had to cut the trunk from the root ball.

but the root ball was 10ft up a bank, and i was worried that once the saw went through that it would roll down onto me. it came down safely onto the road.

i towed the trunk home then had to come back and tow the root ball in the pic out the bank and into the layby.

this weekend i shall be splitting wood.

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