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  • Posted by howies
  • 16 September 2008


The real value of having a shop in cardigan is seeing what works.

To learn how to be a retailer without getting on a train.

To try stuff.

So we can be better at what we do.

This is the new shop window.

We didn't have the money to do a vinyl like everyone else so we had to do an idea instead. (13 T-shirts. 13 years)

The T-shirts are wrapped in cardboard to look neat. Then dangled from a see through wire. Then we hand drew the picture frames around them.

It looks great.

Watching people grow

  • Posted by howies
  • 16 September 2008


This is Aran.

Out of picture is Tom.

It is their day off.

The sun is shining and its saturday.

The skatepark is calling them.

But instead they are doing our shop window in Cardigan.

I didn't ask them to work on saturday.

They wanted to.

No moans.

No groans.

Just a couple of lads getting on and doing something.

Going somewhere with all their heart.


So long Mr. Davy

  • Posted by tomos
  • 15 September 2008


Davy has been working in the Cardigan shop since it opened. But we all new it wouldn't be a temporary thing, because tomorrow is his last day.
He's moving to Brighton to goto uni there. I've known him for about 7 years and I consider him a true friend, as does anybody who's met him.
We all wish him the very best of luck. His shenanigans will be missed up the skate park.
Good luck mate


  • Posted by howies
  • 15 September 2008


Always feel a bit funny this time of year.
Leaves ready to fall, things going to sleep and dark evenings approach.

It gives me the feeling it would be good to be a creature that hibernates.
Or to turn into sleeping beauty for the winter.


As we continue our journey around the Sun, the north pole moves away from the Sun. The Sun rises lower in the sky so the days continue getting shorter. When the Sun is at its mid-point in the sky, we reach the 'autumn equinox', around 22 September. Day and night are both 12 hours long and its the beginning of autumn.

more on seasons

Feel good run

Tom from the store here.
I love to ride my bike, but recently had been thinking about running more. I never really run, only on a machine in the gym. My friend told me 3 weeks ago he was running the Dublin marathon at the end of October so I went home and booked my place too. Ive been running a few times a week now and on thursday managed 16 miles in under two and a half hours. With alot of my tough bike rides I've finished feeling exhausted, but when I got to mile 16 I felt great. I have a pedometer and after the run Lance Armstrongs voice came on and congratulated me on my best run. I walked home from the park with a huge grin on my face, much to the confusion of many a driver. Next thursday I'm aiming for 19 miles. =)

weekend wind down

  • Posted by tomos
  • 12 September 2008


Only an hour or so to go. The sun has finally popped it's head. The ever present Friday cake has just arrived.
Tom and Matt are leaving us today to go their separate ways. Were all going down the pub after work.
An ice cold shandy by the river side is just what the doctor ordered.
Here's a little tune I've been blasting from the lonely shed.
Have a great weekend every one. Hwyl fawr pawb.

NEW T-shirt of the Week

  • Posted by aron
  • 12 September 2008

This one is for all those grafters out there who put food on our table.
Those passionate, obsessive, craftsmen of the land.
The ones who are hard at work while we are sound asleep.
Folk who have had some hard times lately.
We respect your endless energy.
Here's to you.

Click here for men's

Click here for women's

our day out!

working hard on our recent trip to cardigan to visit howies HQ!


you got to love people.
you have to want to look after customers like a traditional outfitters. like they are your family.
you have got to love sport, art, photography, the world, words, design.
you need to know what howies is and what we are doing.
you need to care about the little stuff.
and let's be honest, you have got to want to work in a shop.

our brand and our shops are built by the people. they are the most important thing for it to work.

bristol is an important step for us to do more stores, so the staff must just be brilliant.

if it ain't you maybe you know somebody.

cv's to [email protected]

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