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Tale of two counties

  • Posted by hollie
  • 1 June 2010

I managed to wangle a few days off work last week so went to visit my sister down in London.

Being such a country bumpkin & coming from a town as small and sleepy as Cardigan, I always find london so exciting and overwhelming.

It was a really good couple of days, but i suppose it's a bit like babysitting - it's fun and enjoyable at the time, but then it's nice to hand it back and go home!

After making the long journey back on Sunday, I went on a walk through the woods in Llangoedmor (not far from Cardigan) where i came across this little cottage, and  it struck me just how different the country and the big city are...

i kind of know where i'd prefer to be though....  :)

Broken Pipeline

  • Posted by ruben
  • 26 May 2010

Here are a couple of things I've just seen that scare me.

First a shot of the BP oil slick taken from space -

And a video explaining how BP have been using chemical dispersant to convert the surface slick into giant underwater clouds of toxic crap.

I really think that any company causing this kind of damage to the environment should be shut down and banned from any more drilling work. Accidents of this scale just aren't acceptable.

long way home

  • Posted by ruben
  • 22 May 2010

Force of habit is bad. It ties you down and stops you learning new things and seeing new places.

Last night when I left work I realised I had nowhere to be, so I set off on the long way home.

Round the back roads, up hills, down valleys. The evening was beautiful. The sunset was amazing.

I'm glad I broke my routine and took the long way home.

Bioblitz hits Bristol!

  • Posted by howies
  • 21 May 2010

The other day Scott was going on about his lovely walk in the sunshine, well tonight I'm going to the BioBlitz Twilight Walk to spot owls and bats. Today's sunshine is very welcome indeedy but there is something magical about summer walks at dusk too.

BioBlitz is an annual event,  a 30-hour race against the clock to find as many species of wildlife as possible, taking place during the UN’s International Day of Biodiversity.

Scientists, naturalists, the public and over 250 schoolchildren will work in groups across Blaise Castle Estate to find and identify as many species as possible on Friday 21 May and Saturday 22 May. Information will be recorded, with some specimens brought back for identification to a temporary base camp lab. TV presenter and nature expert Philippa Forrester and wildlife filmmaker and photographer Charlie Hamilton-James, will also help the team and announce the findings at 3pm on 22 May.

In addition, there will also be the following special sessions taking place:

    • Lichen Walk with David Hill, lichenologist and botanist at 4:00pm on Friday 21 May
    • Twilight Joint Dusk Walk with Roger Moses of the Hawk and Owl Trust and David Brown of Avon Bat Group at 8:30pm on Friday 21 May
    • Moth Trapping with Bristol & District Moth Group at 9:30pm on Friday 21 May
    • Dawn Chorus Bird Walk with ornithologist Ed Drewitt at 4:30am on Saturday 22 May
    • Spot the Lady Bird with Dr Remy Ware, coordinator of the UK Ladybird Survey, two walks at 9:30am and 1:30pm on Saturday 22 May
    • Fungi Blitz with members of the North Somerset and Bristol Fungus Group at 10:30am on Saturday 22 May
    • Mini Beast Bug Hunt with Pete Dawson, local educational ecologist, two walks – one at 10:30am and one at 12:30pm on Saturday 22 May

These events are free of charge and open to anyone interested, but spaces are limited. People who want to take part need to sign up at the BioBlitz website: www.bioblitzbristol.org

Oil cam

  • Posted by pete
  • 13 May 2010

This is what 3 million gallons of oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico looks like.

More here

The fox

  • Posted by mark
  • 12 May 2010

the other day i called round at my mate howard's to borrow a saw, as we were talking something out of the kitchen window managed to catch my eye just before it dissappeared behind a tree, at first i thought it was a massive ginger cat walking along the top of the garden wall but howard was like 'nah it's just the fox, everytime i make a curry he comes and sits at the bottom of the steps' so i went outside and had a look, low and behold there he was sitting in the garden just staring at the kitchen window. i managed to get pretty close to him before he got up and wandered off followed by martin the cat. unfortunately i only had my crappy camera phone to get a picture of him so here he is, the curry loving, cat friendly clapton fox!

The Art of the T-shirt

  • Posted by aron
  • 10 May 2010

If you were to ask me what makes a good t-shirt design, I probably couldn't tell you. Countless hours i've spent thinking, drawing and criticizing t-shirt ideas and still i haven't figured out the art of it.

Is it about making a statement? Or perhaps about not making too much of a statement? Should it jump off the cotton with 6 colours or hide subtly on the hem in one colour? Witty ideas are great, but if it's too clever the idea can often get lost. So is it about a balance of qualities? Maybe... maybe not.

I've seen a t-shirt that literally (and i really mean literally) took under 10 seconds to draw, sell 300 t-shirts in a week. The world of t-shirts is so mind-boggling it's unreal.

I write this because we're already thinking about the Autumn catalogue and getting t-shirt ideas together. And t-shirts are an important part of our catalogues. After all, that's how howies started.

If you have an opinion on this subject, please share. And if you want to voice an opinion on howies t-shirts, you can do that too.


party battles

So 20 minutes left to vote...


not good at the bad stuff

  • Posted by ade
  • 30 April 2010

There are some swear words in this. I tried not to.

Why are we not getting better at the bad stuff?

We invented the plane and have streamlined systems to fly people all over the world, but cannot get them home when there is ash in the sky.

Leaves stop trains.

We create power from uranium, but have no great plan for it when it's spent but still highly dangerous.

And when 5000 barrels of oil a day flood onto the oceans it will take another 90 days to drill another well into the oil field to release the gas to stop the flow. So by the time they stop it between 1-5 million barrels will have leaked into a fragile ocean.

And this is the third time in 5 years BP have fucked up like this.  Why should shareholders and the company benefit when the world has paid the price?

Governments, business, people need to make the companies that are making big big money from high risk stuff prove that they are prepared for the big fuck up's before they start.

Really prove it.

They must stand up in front of a huge room of children who will come up with all those madcap ideas that may happen. And if they can prove they are prepared, the next question from the kids will be "why"?

And if after all this they fuck up, then the company management is  sacked after they have gone out and cleaned up their mess.

When it's big stuff like this, companies have got to be good at the bad stuff.

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