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you ride we ride in my ride

  • Posted by howies
  • 29 October 2009

Having gone to the Metro Ski Show last weekend, and with Freeze coming up this weekend, my thoughts are definitely drifting towards going snowboarding this winter.  I don't really like the thought of flying out to the alps, (for obvious environmental reasons) however cheap; so I usually try to take to Eurostar (but the prices are usually a bit too steep for me).

danny wheeler- val d'isere

Yesterday I stumbled across this car share website Mountain Ride Share, designed to connect people travelling to and from ski resorts.

Their website is in Beta at the moment- so why don't you check out the site and help them develop this community, and maybe pick up some riding buddies along the way! 

If you apppeciate the mountains, you really should consider the effects your journey to them has.  Low budget airlines are not the way mes amis!


On Monday, Paddy and I were having a flick through the blog at work and noticed hollie had put up a post about the 'Wildlife Photographer of the Year' exhibition in London.

So yesterday we got up nice and early, cracked out the bacon sandwiches and made our way to the big city. After half an hour of staring at tube maps and an A-Z we made it to the Natural History Museum only to find a 2 hour queue!

Eventually we made it inside and found the exhibition and after about an hour of umm-ing and ahh-ing this little fella caught our eye....a picture in the category 'One Earth'.


It was an amazing exhibition and I'd recommend anyone to go and see it if you can! It certainly sparked off a heated debate of the long standing issue of Canon vs Nikon between Paddy and I.

So after a long day of wandering around London we began our Krispy Kreme hunt...one meeting with a self titled 'Ram the Info Man' who, for small change will be your walking (and often running) talking sat nav. Eventually we stocked up on the glazed wonders and headed for the tube. 

Three stops later and minus one iphone, panic set in...a couple of hasty phone calls later and a very kind lady back at Covent Garden revealed that I had in fact left my phone on a seat and walked off without it. Three stops later (back the other way) I was reunited with the phone and after many a thank you and hug, a very tired pair of tourists made their way back home.

So we'd like to say a massive thank you to 'Ram the Info Man', the sweet looking penguin for making us smile and Stefana for bringing the phone back safe!

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish

  • Posted by howies
  • 27 October 2009


Yesterday was my last day at howies.

It was my choice to leave.

It was a hard thing to do and easy thing to do.

The morale of the story is simple.

If you find something you love, you should never sell your love.

When other people own your dream, destiny is no longer in your hands.

And yes, leaving the company I helped to start is super-painful.

But pain makes for a good teacher if you listen to what it is telling you.

It teaches you what is important to you. And what is not.

So from this day forward howies will begin to appear in my rear-view mirror.

At the same time I will be sitting in my shed with Sonny (my dog) working away on the future.

Keeping me company will be the knowledge that Patagonia was not Yvon’s first company, Esprit was not Doug’s first company, and Steve Jobs got sacked from Apple.

For me those are good role models to have in the shed with you.

Luckily for howies Clare is staying. She will be the soul-keeper now.

And lastly, I just wanted to say thank you to you.

It’s been fun working for you.

My thanks.

David Hieatt

At an appropriate time, I will write a magazine article telling you all the behind the scenes bits that made me decide to leave.


  • Posted by howies
  • 27 October 2009

fogged in

sun behindDSC01463DSC01466

Views from up North...fog, fog and more fog at the summit, then plenty of sun waiting for us on our return to ground level. We never did see the view after all our hard work but rewarded ourselves instead with a nice cup of tea and lovely cake with cream and jam :-)

Amazing letter

  • Posted by ruben
  • 26 October 2009

We received this letter today. Love it.



If anyone else has a story they'd like us to read , please send it in!

Bath House Road
SA43 1JY


and here is a clip from our BioRegional Wee Do!

Daylight saving offers

  • Posted by ruben
  • 22 October 2009

We are in between the harvest moon and the hunters moon here in the northern hemisphere. The season is in flux and so we have to make way for our winter deliveries.

We lose an hour this weekend so before the dark gets darker we thought we'd try to make the sun shine for a little longer.

To make way for the new we have to move out the old so here are some treats that should brighten the day, no matter how dark it gets.



Harmonica Festival

  • Posted by howies
  • 22 October 2009

The other day I was chatting to some customers about how they had recently moved to Bristol from London and how they are being kept busy by all the cool events happening in their new home.

As proof, this weekend there is loads happening in Brizzle; OxJam, Climate Countdown, and yesterday I discovered there is even a Harmonica Festival at the Folk House on Park Street. It's surely the most portable instrument, and great for creating an atmosphere as everyone huddles around a campfire on these autumn days. So pop along and learn the skills to impress, or just sit back and enjoy the evening performances.

to add insult to injury

  • Posted by howies
  • 22 October 2009

So I received a rather disappointing phone call this morning, while I was waiting at the bus stop, on my way to work.

I have back ordered a beautiful bike- the Charge Lazy Susan.  I was told it would be available to collect by 29th October...but now I have been told there is a delay at the manufacturers, and it wont be ready until the beginning of December!  My commute is doing my head in right now- I want my bike I WANT MY BIKE!! :(

So to add insult to injury, the man sitting next to me on the bus this morning sneezed right in my face! Aaargh!


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