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London’s fat beats

  • Posted by howies
  • 17 July 2009

Today in the London store we are listening to:

Vampire Weekend, Starsailor, Phoenix, Seasick Steve, Fanfarlo, Modest Mouse, TV on the Radio, and Discovery.

What are you listening to right now?

1000 up 4000 to go

  • Posted by howies
  • 13 July 2009

A couple of days ago on my cycle ride around Britain I passed the 1000 mile mark (I also got to
Scotland) and thought I would do a list of 10 things I've learnt from the journey so far.

1  Cycling on your own is great, but being with your mates is better.

2  Where you get one hill, you get lots.

3  You can get a good cake anywhere in Britain.

4  You see some funny stuff.

5  Don't spit into the wind.

6  You eat a lot when you are on a bike all day.

7  Going slow is better than going fast.

8  There are golf courses everywhere, why?

9  Our country is beautiful.

10  Camping is better than B&B's (unless you need to charge batteries).

things images

Expensive is cheap*

  • Posted by howies
  • 23 June 2009

(*phrase from real madrid chairman)

right now, the brightest, the best leaders, the best thinkers, the most driven don't go into politics. so my question is this: would we get a better calibre MP and therefore better government if we paid them more?

Do sponsor

  • Posted by howies
  • 12 June 2009

this is a little do lectures sponsorship document, if you know of any potential sponsor pass it on.


email: [email protected]

The Do Word

  • Posted by howies
  • 7 April 2009

The Do Word

It’s short.

To the point.

Quick to say.

All its letters do something.

It loves a deadline.

Despises procrastination.

It’s the rapids of a river.

The bubbles in a lemonade.

The kick in caffeine.

It’ s a small word but does more than almost any other .

It means the same thing all over the world.

It’s most effective when its got a plan.

It’s a word for getting things done.

It means action.

It’s all verb.

Doers inspire.The Do Lectures. Sept 3-7th 09.


Once a year, the doers of the world come together to share their stories. To inspire the rest of us to go and do something positive.

Tickets go on sale May 1st

I want to tell you why I think The Do Lectures are important.

And I want to tell you how over the next decade they will become one of the most important set of talks in the world. And yet there’s little evidence to suggest that’s possible right now.

To that end I want to tell you about a book that I have never read.

And the two things it taught me.

(Bare with me, the dots will connect.)

The book was called What Make’s Sammy Run.

It’s about the drive of someone who started at the bottom.

And how he worked his way up to the top.

And although a fictional character, I always wondered what drove him.

What made him run? Something had set him off. But what exactly? This ‘Something’ had always interested me.

Just by being told the story of the book had inspired me without ever reading it. But the idea that you could start at the bottom and work your way up just through hard-work, never left me.

This was my first learning. I had discovered the power of story telling. And how people’s stories can release the handbrake in our minds.

This was the reason Clare and myself started The Do lectures. To bring these remarkable storytellers together in one place to inspire the rest of us. To release lots of handbrakes.

But going back to the book for a minute, I don’t think he was about just hard-work and persistence. I think there was a little more to it.

My take on it is this, I don’t think he ever dreamt of just being a runner. I believe as he ran, he took his dream of running the whole thing along with him.

Indeed it was this dream that made him run. And this brings me to my second piece of learning from the book that I never read: The power of dreams.

What makes some people change things? What makes some people start something when the odds are so stacked against them? What keeps them going when others fall by the wayside? Well, my answer is because these people are dreamers. They have made it exist in their own head long before it exists in real life.

They use their vision of things to take them forward. Just like cats eyes in the road, their dream slowly guides them along the way.

And right now that is where we are at with The Do Lectures. We got the dream in our heads. And we are running.

We are going to create a set of talks over the next decade that will change things, create national debate on issues that are important to all of us from the environment to business to technology to design to education to food to play.

It will become an amazing resource for the Doers of the world both in terms of inspiration and, just as importantly, the plain nuts and bolts practical stuff of how to do this or that.

The first Do Lectures felt like being at the start of something. Like being at the first Glastonbury. But a Glastonbury for talks rather than music.

And now before this September’s talks start, the website should have received over 100,000 visits from over 3000 cities in over 100 countries. It’s still small in comparison to some. But all great things start out small.

So right now we are busy trying to find a sponsor and trying to raise donations too. We are doing that thing of jumping off the edge of the cliff and building our wings on the way down. But that’s what Doers do.

They tell stories. They dream a lot. But at the end of the day, they make things happen.

If you would like to make a small Do-nation, please Do.

Help us run.

David Hieatt

Co-founder of the Do lectures.


Do has grown up

  • Posted by howies
  • 5 March 2009

the Do lectures is taking its first steps into adulthood.

it has a bank account.

its a ltd company.

it's purpose is to build a world class resource for doers to make a positive change.

it has to pay its way in the world but it is not here for profit.

it's here to make people think, to inspire us to go do good things.

It has its own blog so if you want to know what is happening, go visit.

you can donate on the website to help make this years talks happen. (every pound helps)

it's a moment, as they say.

and we got some amazing speakers lined up.

the speakers will be announced on May 1st. 

the 40 tickets that are going to be sold, will go on sale May 1st.

The 40 tickets that will be given to students will be awarded to those who write the best letters to the do lectures and tell us what they want to do.

So all good stuff.

But it does need your donations to keep on Do-ing, so if you can, please Do.

www.thedolectures.co.uk  twitter.com/dolectures

The Real 100 List

  • Posted by pete
  • 20 February 2009


howies just made The Real 100 list.


We are up there with Patagonia, Greenpeace, Nau, Whole Foods and Tesla Motors.
I think we're the only UK company featured.

Thanks to Ben for letting us know.

Here's to patriotism from Harpers

  • Posted by tim
  • 20 January 2009



The actual Percentage of the amendments in the Bill of Rights that are violated by the USA PATRIOT Act, according to the ACLU is a staggering 50%. 

Total value of U.S. government contracts in 2000 that were awarded without competitive bidding: $73,000,000,000.   Total in 2007: $146,000,000,000.

Percentage of Fortune 500 companies that own a Web address in which their name is followed by “sucks.com”: 26

Year in which Cuba’s ban on toasters will be lifted: 2010

Average number of religions practiced in each world nation : 32

Percentage of U.S. doctors who think God has the power to cure a fatally injured patient : 20

Average number of new federal crimes that Congress creates each year : 56

Number of free tattoos of Obama’s face given out so far by a body artist in Moore, Oklahoma : 300

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