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  • Posted by howies
  • 10 February 2009

A bit more summer action to brighten up your day

Morocco. Film - SX70

More from Meribel

  • Posted by aron
  • 10 February 2009

Jon was kind enough to lend me his LOMO for the snowboard trip, and I've just got back the developed film. Most of them aren't great but there's a few that came out looking just fine...

If you want to learn more about Lomography check out this link here.

And if you have any lomo you'd like to share send it to me at howies.co.uk


  • Posted by james
  • 9 February 2009

Usually the first word I learn, when learning a new language is 'thankyou' Not much use here! No body uses it, or please, or anything polite. So in order to not stick out, like the polite Brit I might seem, It's rudeness all the way! 

Saying all that, Moscow is quite a place, especially negotiating the underground palace that is the metro, dordle here to try and figure out the crylic map and your swept off wherever the crowd is heading. 

Hiked (and slid) around the usual tourist traps today, and tomorrow it's off to the markets before catching a week long train to china. Will get there in the end howies, there is just so much to see on the way!

p.s Merino boxers we're a goooood idea.


  • Posted by howies
  • 9 February 2009

Thought i would remind everyone what summer looked liked so here's one of my friends Marcus and Long Tom fishing at Monkstone

Film - Type 88

Poland and Poles

  • Posted by james
  • 8 February 2009

So onward from Cologne, and my first experience of European sleeper trains. First things first, time to practice my newly learnt 'ipod' polish  on my cabin mate, a rather large polish woman. After a few strange looks, she gathered what I was trying to say, and then proceeded to laugh at everything I said from then onwards. Not the biggest confidence builder I must say. After a rather stuffy nights sleep we were pulling into Warsaw central to meet my Australian friends cousins, my hosts for the next few days in Poland. 


Hanging out with the 'It' girls of Warsaw, wasn't quite what I had mind for this trip, but embracing new experiences is something that I have learnt well over the years. So that's how it went down. 

My good friend from Australia sorted out this leg, his cousins met me off the train and since then I have been whisked around the city, shown the sites and walked the busy streets. The girls love the city and it showed in how much they wanted me to see. I have to admit though, I had no idea what to expect from Warsaw, in fact I knew very little of the place except it was flattened in the war, but I was pleaseantlysuprised, and one thing is for sure, they like to party! 

After getting to know some good new friends, it's back to the journey at hand... an overnight sleeper train to Moscow. Russia awaits. 


Onward, towards Hong Kong.


Bristol, Barney, Paul and Caz the DJ

  • Posted by tim
  • 7 February 2009

We had a hitchless do on Thursday night at the Bristol shop for Paul Gorman's talk slideshow and art exhibition on the artist Barney Bubbles. We also had a great DJ to play out the evening with some very nice Welsh beer and piping hot cups of tea on hand to lighten the impending doom of the weather that was fast approaching Brizz. 

Thanks must go out to the Bristol staff with the help of Nick Hand for getting the ball rolling. Alison, Jon and myself took a measly 7.5 hours to get back the next day but we did see Narnia according to Jon which geographically existed between Ross On Wye and Monmouth, how much longer it's there i dont know. Nick took some pics of the do. We'll be having a regular once a month shindigs in the Bristol shop so we'll let you all know when dates and themes are arranged. here's a few pics nick took of the evening.


If you have any ideas about what you'd like to see at the bristol shop drop me a line timathowiesdotcodotuk.

On The Dot

  • Posted by james
  • 4 February 2009

All smooth sailing so far, in fact just arrived in Cologne, Germany on the high speed Thayls train, exactly on time, to the minute! Why can't out trains run like that?

Now it's an evening of lounging until my overnight sleeper to Warsaw. 

Above is Brussels Midi, quite busy, just after lunch today. 

Over and out.

Mission Passport

  • Posted by james
  • 3 February 2009

After a crash course in snow driving trying to get out of Tenby, I've at least made it to london. A little later than hoped but walking through Swansea in a blizzard to get a coffee this morning was interesting. 

So tubes negotiated, passport collected (at last!) and snowballs thrown.

Tomorrow, London - Brussels - Cologne and on to Warsaw to meet a friend of a friend's cousin who I've never met who is looking after me...errrmm this could be interesting.

more soon.

royaltee business plan

  • Posted by howies
  • 3 February 2009

1, snowball fight

2, light fire

3, drink coffee

4, talk business plan

6, more coffee

7, talk business plan

6, eat scrambled eggs

7, make two snowmen

8, check the chickens are ok

9, more business plan

10, finish up

it might be the most important meeting we will ever have.

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