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T-shirt of the Week

  • Posted by ruben
  • 20 August 2009

This week it's a series. Sport Is Simple.

Our sports are good to us.

They keep us fit.

They keep us sane.

They take us to places.

They bring us our mates.

Just goes to prove the best ideas are the simplest ones.

What's your sport?

Designer Alan Smithee has donated his design fee to The Do lectures, so £2.50 from each sale will go to The Do Lectures.  Thanks Al.


Biking - Mens / Womens
Running - Mens / Womens
Skating - Mens / Womens
Surfing - Mens / Womens

On press

  • Posted by aron
  • 14 August 2009

Last week i managed to go see our upcoming Autumn catalogue on press. It was real nice seeing what happens with your work after you've handed it over, all the processes it goes through and the equipment used. Their big press can do 40,000 prints an hour. Crazy fast. So here's some pics...


Above is the machine that feeds the paper through into these printers...


Out of shot is another set of six, where one side of the sheet is printed on before turning over and going through this set. End result being this...


Our Autumn 2009 catalogue cover.

To see the rest you'll have to wait til September.


Venice Marathon, anyone?

  • Posted by howies
  • 14 June 2009

Hi, Ben at the Bristol shop here.

Yesterday my girlfriend Hannah and I booked our places for the Venice Marathon in October.

We both fell in love with the city last year and, despite the heat, found running around the backstreets and over the little bridges a lot of fun. So we were ecstatic at the opportunity to get a holiday, raise some money for charity, and set ourselves a new challenge all at once.

But then there's a problem - we've never run that far before. We've done a few half-marathons, but never pushed it beyond that 13 mile limit. Also, I've still not shifted the Winter-weight that I worked so hard cultivating (I can't believe it's June already!) The dread feeling of the unknown and a huge training schedule has clouded over me!

Has anyone done the Venice course before? Is anyone doing it this year? And are there any little-known pearls of wisdom that you can impart about long-distance running in general?

Man Vs. Horse

  • Posted by mark
  • 12 June 2009


If  you're at a loose end tomorrow why not have a go at this?

Man Vs. Horse

Man has always pitted his wits and body against his fellow men, the animal kingdom and the natural world to demonstrate superior athleticism and mental strength. This is never more apparent than during Llanwrytd Wells' annual Man versus Horse Marathon.

Inspired by a conversation in his local pub, in 1980 Gordon Green, the landlord of the Neuadd Arms, overheard the claims of one of his patrons who professed that over a significant distance across country, man was the equal of any horse. Deciding this was a matter for a public challenge, the Man versus Horse Marathon was born.

The race has been run every year since, changing and attaining new levels of entry and challenges each time. It took 25 years before a man finally beat a horse, when Huw Lobb won in two hours and five minutes, finishing two minutes before the fastest horse.

The race itself is run over 22 miles of mixed and very hilly terrain, including farm tracks, foot and bridle paths, forestry roads and open moorland. The event attracted 414 entrants in 2008: 299 runners, 74 relay teams and 42 horses. Dukes Touch of Fun ridden by Geoffrey Allen won to claim the £1000 prize.

diagnosis confirmed

  • Posted by ade
  • 15 May 2009

zimmerChristmas 05 I was in hospital with a bad back. So bad I could only shuffle along on that zimmer frame and had to pee in that cardboard pot. Old men moved faster than me.

It was all down to years on the bike.  Never fully extending my legs and not using my stomach muscles my ham strings shortened and collaspe came often.

Running has really helped, but today after a few days biking on the fixed collapse was back.

Today had been a day of touching toes, stretching thighs, keeping the stomach flat and driving to work.

Bad back, bad day, bad mood, bad weather.

Rest, stretching, water and fun this weekend.

Our city is getting ready

  • Posted by howies
  • 30 April 2009

No matter what you think about the Olympics - what is done is done.  It may be a huge amount of money and the tax payer may have been a little mislead about how much it was going to cost.  But, what cannot be denied is that the Olympics are transforming East London.  Great swathes of disused land are slowly metamorphising into sweeping structures, bold statements, and beautiful lines.  Hopefully, by 2012 the UK will be fortunate to possess sporting facilities that can finally compete with the  rest of the world.  

I am really excited.  I am hoping that tickets will be made accessible to everyone and not just a privilaged few.  It really is an event for the people - something to get behind, enthuse about, and support.  World events, such as the Olympics, are a real opportunity to put aside differences, world problems, and bad economic forcasts.  For a few days a bunch of, mostly amateur, atheletes push the boundaries of human endurance for the simple recognition of being the best at something. 

The Telegraph newspaper is following the progress of building work through a series of ariel photographs.  Apparantly, they are going to keep updating them over the next three years.  I reckon it is well worth a look every month or two.

We would love to hear what you are most excited about seeing at the London Olympics.  I am pretty excited by the prospect of the high dive, BMX, and kayaking.  Oh, and also the rowing, cycling, field athletics.........................the list goes on.

run redhead run

  • Posted by ade
  • 27 March 2009

run rabbit

i have been meaning to run to work for ages. could i really do it? how do i get home?

so this morning i left home just after 7 and ran the 10 miles in 1hour 37.

the road bits where horrible, but once i got into the woods with the mud, stones and roots i felt fine.

and the last mile with cardigan in sight and the smell of coffee and cakes on the wind i was tripping.

you don't get that glazed eyes and dig deep feeling biking in.

run for money

  • Posted by ade
  • 19 March 2009


the bet

Whilst I have been off the bike I have been running to keep the waist builders at bay.  We have a great route through the wildlife park. About a 5 mile loop.

I was flashing my running shoes to Ed who runs our Cardigan shop and a bet was struck.

A race for a fiver.

From the front door of howies Cardigan shop, into the wildlife park, up the river, up the Gorge, into Fforest farm, down the Squirel trail, back along the boardwalks to the shop.

Winner takes all.

He is fast (we had a race up many flights of stairs and he thrashed me) and has the heart rate of a shrew, but I have an 18 year advantage of pain management systems on board.

We will race before March ends...


  • Posted by pete
  • 18 March 2009

go board

go bike

go walk

go run

go climb

go extreme flower picking if you like

head for the hills and kill your boredom


one day left to get the 'Boredom' T-shirt of the Week
get yours.





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