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ran to work the long way today. mapped it at 10.5 miles. ran it in 1 hour 36.

Running a longer distance from a to b feels more of an adventure with an uncertain outcome than doing a loop.

The first 5 miles on the road were hard and when I got to the bridge at Llechryd bridge I played eeny meeny miney mo to see if it was the shorter road way with hill and no pavement, or along the river over rocks and roots.

I mo'd the long way. I practised what Russell Ashdown taught me about going downhill. Let it all go and run like the wind but there are a few paths through the wildlife park that need a surely planted foot.

And then there is that feeling you get at the end of a long run when you see the finish and the pins and needles wizz up your neck and your empty legs fill and you can smell the coffee.

When I got to work I knew that if I looked in the mirror the image of a tired looking 39 year old wouldn't tally with the fit 20 year old I felt like.

Next run is in London with Molly who we ran with at the do.

Positive work

  • Posted by ruben
  • 25 January 2010

I've been running a lot the last few days. A lot more than usual anyway.

Here are my thoughts from Sunday afternoon.

Why am I out here? Sure it's a nice day. Beautiful light. But I could be enjoying the day without running...

Don't I deserve to relax on the weekend? Isn't that the point? I work all week, then earn a rest.

Then it clicked.

I don't deserve a rest for working all week at a desk in an office.

I deserve a run.

Or a cycle. Or anything to clear my mind and recharge.

Things make more sense when you think of it this way.

I never feel more refreshed and positive than after pushing myself a few miles and getting out of breath.

(Thanks to Ade and his post from last week for getting me out and pointing me to this realisation)

make sure work pays you back

  • Posted by ade
  • 22 January 2010


It's been a tough week this week.

Alot of entertaining, thinking, talking, showing, explaining, justifying, projecting, reviewing, mapping, noting and bonding.

And I gave it my all.

Worked paid back the 2 hours it owed me to change into spiked shoes, run down the high street in the sun light, over the river, along the bike path to meet David. Then round the boardwalk in the marshes, along the squirrel trail, uphill to fforest farm, then back along the bridle path above the Teifi,  scramble down 100 steps to the rivers edge and then push on home through the mud and brambles to our Cardigan shop and a great coffee.

Make sure you take honestly what it owes you and you'll no feel cheated.

Gonna try and get the office to run on Thursday.

following Ades' run blog

  • Posted by howies
  • 19 January 2010

Following Ades blog I went for a run, well it was my first for a long time and I don't have natural ability in my legs like Ade, so it was a run walk type thing with my dog.

I will get into it but it usually takes a few weeks.

I had a few issues with the ishuffle thingy too, but I found the off button pretty sharpish.

I started at my local beach and ran around the cliff, down onto the beach, but where I could usually cross the stream across the stones I coudn't because of all the flood water, I love that when the  conditions cause humans to do differnet actions than they planned, makes you feel so small and insignificant. So anyway I went back along the road to the woolen mill. I run by the old mill quite a lot, its called Melin Tregwynt and its famous for its weaving.  http://www.melintregwynt.co.uk

It used to be powered by water and you can see  where the water was channeled into the mill, George found a channel and thought the white frothy stuff was snow, so he went for a bit of a swim when he stepped on it. I took him home and gave him a nice warm shower and now he's all fluffy and recovered.

I'm off for another run tonight around the cliffs thanks to Ade for inspiring me to get back into it, I always see beautiful scenery and have an adventure because of the weather and the conditions whether it be rain wind or sun its always different.

Wake Up

  • Posted by howies
  • 19 January 2010


The creative lads are working on the catalogue right now. I am pretty excited about seeing it!

Here is a sneaky picture from the Spring shoot we did in November, this was shot in Wales.
A very early start for us all.
But the light and the weather was perfect. Lydia took a wake up run!
The Taith Leggings were put to the test. A perfect running leg.

I like this shot, Lydia was so cold, but in true howies style she was ace...
After we had a nice warm flask of coffee and some breakfast that Millie kindly made.

Here are to winter morning and running power!

For more sneaky pictures and nice stuff check out howies® look

first run

  • Posted by ade
  • 15 January 2010


Went for my first run since September today round Mynydd Caregog above Newport. The snow had drifted deep, but where it was melting there was raging torrents, the wind was robust and the cloud snug to the floor.

What a blast. My mind has not processed so many thoughts in 30 minutes for so long.

1. shake to shuffle on the i-phone is rubbish for running.

2. Melt water is cold, but wet snow is colder.

3. Summer shoes let your feet  get warm as soon as they are out the water.

4. Wild horses look at you like you are mad if you are on the mountain in bad conditions.

5. Tread lightly and reduce speed on deep snow.

6. All that beer I drunk in December weighs heavy.

7. David Hieatt would have thrashed me today. I wanted him and Molly along.

8. Cold thighs run slower.

9. Running somewhere beautiful is beautiful.

10. Warm  dry clothes are such a reward at the end.

11. howies have made and will make some amazingly technical kit. (Ran in the long way home shorts, 2 NBL light base layers, the 8 miler jacket and the new bike jacket for spring)

12. Music helps a hard run.

13 Bad music don't.

14. The effort to get up, get out and run in awful weather is always worth it.

15 . The track on the map is not always where it should be in real life.

16. The farm dogs bite is worse than his bark.

17. Cows with horns and babies need back of the head eyes.

My goal this summer is to pick a great place to run and run and run and run and run...

Don't throw that jacket away!

It's that time of year again, in sets the cold and rain.  Looking out your old waterproof jacket?  Maybe it's working great, waterproof and breatable.  Or maybe it's lost its lustre?

When your jacket is dirty this causes the fabric to 'wet out' and loose its breatability.  If you wash your jacket in a standard washing detergent it will not help matters either, as it leaves residue behind.  You could use a non-detergent based tech wash.  This will not compromise the breathability or waterproofing of your jacket.  However over time your jacket will loose its durable water repellency, which is where re-proofing comes into play.


We think you should get the best out of your clothes so... we are now selling Grangers 30° 2 in 1 Cleaner and Waterproofer, at the Carnaby Street store and Bristol store.  This product has energy saving in mind, as you only need to use one wash cycle.    It is bluesign certified; and is the only aftercare company to have this accreditation.  Bluesign is the world's only independant benchmark that guarantees products are free  from harmful substances, and as such are safe for humans and the environment.  We also have Grangers XT proofer spray available.  Many conventional re-proofers rely on heat being applied to activate it.  This means using your tumble drier or and iron.  We don't want you to use this energy unnecessarily.  The XT proofer restores the perforormance of your jacket, with simply airdrying it after you have sprayed it.

I know this reads a bit like an infomercial...but hopefully we have imparted some knowledge on aftercare for you.

Go Dad! Go!

  • Posted by howies
  • 20 October 2009


My Dad ran the Abbingdon Marathon the other day. Here he is donning one of our merino NBL baselayers. It served him proud I hear.

He ran a time of 3h37m51... Nice one.

Cooler Mag-Wee Do

  • Posted by howies
  • 3 September 2009

Last week the lovely ladies  - Sam and Poppy - from Cooler Magazine came by and gave a fantastic Wee Do lecture on the growth of female particpation in action sports and a bit of background on their publication. 

We had a great time. 

Here is a photo - the video clip (followed by full podcast) will be out soon!


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