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Staircase Gallery- James Whitaker

This morning our Graham Carter exhibition came down and James Whitaker came in to put up his photography exhibition "After Redundancy".


He originally got in touch with us back in July about a project he was working on.

"On the 20th March 2009 The Guardian reported that the Royal Institute of British Architect's president, Sunand Prasad, said that in his estimation 30% of architects were currently unemployed or underemployed.   On 1st April 2009 I was made redundant from a prominent design studio in London and decided to set out alone as a freelance photographer.
A couple of weeks ago I was talking to friends and started to realise just how diverse architects reactions to redundancy have been.   Some have found architectural work again, while others have turned to teaching or academia, labour on sites, medical admin, others have become artists, restaurateurs, chefs, photographers, lighting designers, web journalists...   the list goes on.
So since then I have been working on a photography project taking portraits of architects who have been made redundant within the last twelve months documenting the new directions that it has taken them.   My aim is to gather around 30 portraits in total by the start of September."

His prints will be up for the next month, so come by and check it out.  They are really stunning prints with a really apt concept.

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