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Train Not Plane

  • Posted by pete
  • 9 June 2010

This month's Archive T-shirt of the Month is 'Train not Plane'.

Aah train travel. You can't beat it.
The gentle rhythmn and the clickety clack.
You can gaze out of the window, or nod off.
You can converse with interesting drunk people,
or crack on with that important Powerpoint presentation.
Either way, just sit back and let the train take the strain.

And hope there are no 'wrong kind of leaves' on the track.

Available on Grape for men and Mid Blue for women.

Apparently Thom Yorke prefers the choo-choo too.
Here he is, wearing the Train Not Plane tee in the Radiohead promo for 'Nude' -

My work here is complete...

t-shirt weather

So we have 20% off all items in-store this bank holiday weekend.  We thought we'd have a dig around the stock room to look out old t-shirts of the week and store exclusive t-shirts from the past few months.  Get down here while stocks last...this may be your last chance! 

Tomorrow is forecast to rain...but Sunday and Monday we can expect to rock out in the sunshine.  Enjoy the long weekend :)

Revive a classic

  • Posted by aron
  • 26 August 2009

Got this email from a guy called Sean the other day;


Just a quick one. You probably get requests like this daily, but I was
wondering if you had any plans to revive my favourite tee ever (and I've
bought a few from you.) This one was from before 2000, pre organic days.

Not sure if it had a name (did they even have names then?)

To describe I
would say it is Royal Blue, with a square print on the front
depicting an
alien/ewok/ja-wa figure sat in a messy front room, playing playstation.
There's a small howies sticker on the TV and it also says 'we are not zombies',
The square image on the front is split into 4 smaller squares.

It's wicked and I'm still wearing mine, though the print is gradually
fading and peeling and has a perma oil stain from bike repairs.
If you are stuck for Archive-Tees' (I'm guessing not!) then please
consider this one soon.




If you can recommend any classic howies tees that you'd like to see revived, add your suggestions below.


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