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Dear Arriva

  • Posted by howies
  • 6 January 2009



When I first arrived in Wales a few years ago I was impressed by the bike racks on the back of your buses... I was like “Yeah! Wales has got it right!”

Then a couple of weeks back I tried to use the X50 from Aberystwyth to Cardigan and the driver told me that he couldn't use his racks but the 550 could...

So I waited 40 minutes and the 550 driver told me to wait for the next one because he was too busy...

So I wait again...

This time the driver tells me he's not trained and no one is and there is no way any driver will let me on... 

I can't believe it, the whole bus couldn’t, I begged him to use his initiative as the racks looked simple. He refused and drove off.

So by this point I was pretty upset and I ring Arriva up to work out whats going on.

They tell me only drivers in Yorkshire are trained to use the bike racks and my only option is to remove my handlebars and put my bike in a box. This wasn't an option.  So I take my wheels off a plead with the driver to let me put it the luggage racks on the bus... After I tell the whole story he lets me on, feeling a bit sorry for me.

C'mon Arriva…

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