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Friday 23rd July sees howies Bristol doing something a bit special with our mates at Weapon of Choice, a live painting show using pens upstairs in our gallery. There will be drinks and a DJs, an authentically Bristolian evenings entertainment.

We know that you guys are appreciative of great illustration, so get yourselves down to the Bristol shop on Queens Rd to witness some of the best bring their work to life before your very eyes.

Check out the Facebook group at Weapon of Choice take over howies with 'The Live Show' .

We think that this is going to be a very popular event so get here early.

ABM Artwork Auction

  • Posted by howies
  • 17 April 2010

I came into work this morning  and found a long list of e-mails leading up until midnight from people placing last minute bids in our auction!

After a long sift through of double checking and updating bids I'm pleased to say that the auction has been a massive success!

I'll be e-mailing and calling people later to let them know that they've won but just wanted to thank everyone who donated their time and effort into producing the artwork and also everyone who placed a bid and made it so successful!

Stand by your phones...

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