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run for money

  • Posted by ade
  • 19 March 2009


the bet

Whilst I have been off the bike I have been running to keep the waist builders at bay.  We have a great route through the wildlife park. About a 5 mile loop.

I was flashing my running shoes to Ed who runs our Cardigan shop and a bet was struck.

A race for a fiver.

From the front door of howies Cardigan shop, into the wildlife park, up the river, up the Gorge, into Fforest farm, down the Squirel trail, back along the boardwalks to the shop.

Winner takes all.

He is fast (we had a race up many flights of stairs and he thrashed me) and has the heart rate of a shrew, but I have an 18 year advantage of pain management systems on board.

We will race before March ends...

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