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It’s all about the bike

  • Posted by ade
  • 7 March 2011

I got into work this morning and the cold from hell had just hit rock bottom.  Couldn't think, couldn't hear properly, nose bleeds!

Checked the calendar and Rob Penn who built his ultimate bike on TV was due to to the office today at 2pm.  He came over with Natalie from Penguin books who are his publishers.

Rob is working hard to spread the bike message and we have been chatting about doing something together for a few weeks, so he came over to visit to meet Pete in creative and work on the message.

I felt sorry for the non bikers in the room as we relayed stories of epic moonlit rides, back roads and scratched bikes.

But we did get some work done and with Rob coughing a few time I remembered to offer them tea 20 minutes after they had arrived.

We chatted over a ton of stuff and over the next few weeks we will let you know what we are doing.

Gonna have to get some miles cranked before I ride with this man.

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