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make time

  • Posted by ade
  • 20 April 2009


founder found at itwe have just designed the new summer catalogue.

we are launching our new tee brand teepay.

we are buying some new software.

we have three shops to look after.

we have new ranges to design.

and we have all the other problems and to do lists to do.

and like everyone we think we can't justify the time to play. but play is the stuff the unravels the knots in the mind. it reformats your thoughts.  it deletes some of the stuff we don't need.

and it makes life, family, job and self good again.

we went down to the trails at Brecfa on Saturday morning and rode the black trail with Alec and Andy. the sun shone, the trails were mainly dustyand every rider we met was grinning the grin. home for lunch.

go play more when you think you can't.

dumb ass not numb ass

  • Posted by ade
  • 22 December 2008
air head

air head

we went to the brecfa red trail today to do some thinking for next years do lectures.

we only really made plans the night before so his morning was rushed to find my bike that has been in bits since the Brecfa enduro this year. We met up with Andy Middleton from TYF.

i found the wheels after a 20 minute hunt, jumped in the car and set off.

when we were putting the bikes together Andy asked where my saddle was and i immediately knew.

In my garage in the white wire shelf above the grinder and below the hammers.

two and a half hours out the saddle is time enough to ingrain on my memory never to forget gain.

my legs were too pumped to relax on the last crazy drop.

the ride was amazing. 10 degrees, a very light drizzle punctuated by work chatter. a nice way to do a "meeting"

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