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Rocker VS Camber VS TBT

  • Posted by aron
  • 24 September 2009

Right then. If I only get one present from Santa this year it's gonna have to be a new snowboard. But which one, I'm not really sure.

Briefly explained, Rocker is shaped like a smile. The nose and tail are raised from the center of the board, making it nice and floaty on powder runs and also makes the board really nimble as the edges are raised.

Camber is the opposite, more like traditional snowboard shapes. The middle of the board is raised putting more pressure on the nose and tail. Acts kind of like suspension, making it really responsive down the slope and increases the pop.

Burton have released a pretty damn sizable range of boards in both Rocker and Camber. The former being available in four shapes for whatever style you ride.


Bataleon have a range of boards that use their patented Triple Base Technology, basically meaning the edges are raised, making you less likely to catch an edge and eat the white stuff. The TBT board has a flat center so it's great for going straight and because the edges are raised there is less friction. A conventional board will always want to kick back onto it's base after a turn but because the TBT board is pre-shaped it's a lot smoother in and out of turns.

Also, my mate's got an Evil Twin and he says it's the bee's.

The vid below explains it all much better.


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The B

  • Posted by aron
  • 20 August 2009

This September the Burton team will release their latest movie. Here's the trailer...

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