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Washed In Surf

  • Posted by ruben
  • 9 September 2010

For years we’ve searched for a way of offering different shades of our organic denim – our customers ask for lighter washes all the time (I guess there are only so many pairs of dark indigo jeans a wardrobe can take).

The truth is, we always struggled to find a process that didn't involve silly stuff like chemicals, bleach or enzyme washes, or blasting them with sand to lighten the colour – as well as being harmful, these methods can often weaken the fabric. Though these may be the industry standard way of doing things, it's just not our way of doing things.

Then we discovered a new technique, involving nothing more than washing the denim in pure deep sea salt.

During this process, seawater from a depth of around 350 meters is pumped from Cape Muroto in Japan. From that fresh, bacteria-free water, the equally pure sea salt is extracted and used to wash the jeans. It's those coarse microscopic granules that perform the magic here, gently agitating the fabric and slowly removing some of the indigo dye.

This wash gives the denim a lighter colour and the jeans a softer, slightly worn feel, without affecting the strength of the fabric... Naturally. Now that's more like our way of doing things.

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