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Tag Archives: chase hawk

Cult BMX trailer

  • Posted by tim
  • 9 January 2010

It's old news about the Morales/Moeller divorce last year but this is the child it has spawned, also check out a brief appearance of SOTY Chris Cole too. Nice little taster.


Joe Rich (bmx legend and owner of the Bike company terrible one) recently posted part three of the Andalucia series and it was worth the wait.......If this does't make you want to roll the bike or board out you must be dead. I've put Rubens Grounded part after this as Chase destroys the trails in the first vid and i just had to balance the books.


Here's Ruben Part, total destruction.


Chase Hawk

  • Posted by tim
  • 22 March 2009


The New Fit BMX dvd will be out in a while, the story of StayFit is being rolled out in 30 episodes on their site. This is Chase on number 25. All with no brakes.


Here's Edwins part from Skavenger in 08


Itching to ride

  • Posted by tomos
  • 12 November 2008


It's coming up to home time and the night ride is calling. I seem to get an itch every now and again. Tonight mad scratch itch is my bmx. Here a little video to get you scratch away like wild dogs.Enjoi.


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