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Making China Green

  • Posted by howies
  • 10 June 2009

Windfarm in China

Talk is cheap.  However, according to this article in the Guardian, it would seem that China are making significant progress with regard to drastically increasing their use of sustainable energy. 

Is this the start of a new "Green Energy Race" between China, Europe, and the US? 

It is an interesting position - the Chinese government are able to push ahead with dramatically increasing their use of wind and solar power which, in no small part, is due to the political control they wield.  With few planning considerations, no compunction surrounding the displacement of residents, no shortage of cheap labour, and no political debate - the green revolution can move ahead at a startling rate. 

The question is, how do Europe and the US avoid getting left behind without sacrificing their democratic political systems and practice?  Answers on a postcard...................



I was chatting with some of the guys who organising the tree planting howies helped with on monday and they asked if we could mention this Film Night they're having tomorrow evening:

The film is called ‘What a Way to Go! Life at the end of the empire’ and this is the blurb:

Heart-felt and poignant, this documentary will touch you as very few things can. Though it will give you hope, it will leave you with no easy answers. This documentary does a thorough job of presenting the pending mega-crisis in all of its aspects and then goes even deeper to probe all of the causes, both technological and social. A careful viewing will leave you stunned informed and ready for action.

This shindig is going down tomorrow evening in St Dogmaels (Cardigan) at The Old School Hall.

Any questions email: indigolatto [at] hotmail.com

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