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best weather bike

  • Posted by ade
  • 19 April 2011

The weather over here has been bone dry for weeks with about 2 days of showers.

Once the clocks changed the winter bike got a wash and a rest. It's been a stalwart this winter, but in some ways it rides like winter. Hard, head down just getting on with it.

Out came the sun, out came the best bike. It was like riding spring.

Fresh, snappy and fast. It put the 'ING back in cycling to work.

I took it down the print shop at lunch, gave it a wash. The chain got some summery green oils white dry lube and then 120psi in the rear tyre and 110 in the front for a little grip and vibration reduction.

I bought a water bottle cage and some Nunn hydration stuff.

Tonight it's a long way home ride.

This one

  • Posted by howies
  • 1 April 2011

sample sale news

  • Posted by ade
  • 21 May 2010

what a great couple of days.

we have been out hacking the streets on the fixies. we drove down from Wales and then did a midnight run, then today we got up early did the east end, into the city, into Trafalgar square where we got told to dismount, past downing street, met mike forham who was looking at the houses of parliament. (We had left him in cardigan as he's off on the photo shoot) onto the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace, down crazy Piccadilly, Regent Street, Carnaby Street, Oxford Street and then hoofed it back to the east end. All in hot sunshine.

Tonight we ride again.

And tomorrow morning.


a view from my desk

  • Posted by ade
  • 26 February 2010


I have fallen out of love with the cross bike. Bit heavy, bit slow, bit too drop bar.

I only ever use it to ride to work in ice or snow or when the road to work floods to knee deep.

So during 2 lunch breaks and telephone calls that just require chatter the drop bars got ditched and flat bars, bar end (i have not had a pair of these since my first riser bars in 1995) v-brakes and new grips fitted.

Rode it in this morning and felt that I had a new bike.

Gotta get rid of the kelvar tyres now which feel like riding on deep pile carpet.

night ride adventure

  • Posted by ade
  • 18 November 2009

knee deep near the edgeover the hubsIt's been raining here. Rain rain rain rain.

Good rain. real heavy, thick, robust sustained rain which I prefer to ride in than thin drizzle.

Last night my lights failed, so I had to ride home with an emergency Petzl head torch.  Could just see the road ahead. When I got across Llechryd bridge the road had a huge puddle across it which could be a small flood, or a big flood.

It was big.  Just under waist deep in the deepest parts for about a mile.

Quite an adventure, but the legs were stone cold for the last 6 miles home.

my new wheels

  • Posted by howies
  • 30 September 2009

Since starting work here I have talked a lot about getting a bike for commuting around London.  It's a big decision, as there's so much choice out there.  I have finally decided on the one.  I've back ordered, and will have it in a month, when they are launched...she's worth the wait!!!

Mark's been telling me, cycling around London is going to change my life.  It's going to be a totally different way to take in London, and good riddens to stuffy public transport in the morning!  I'm going to be saving an hour each day on the commute- oh the things I'll get up to!

Charge are bringing out 5 new urban bikes for the 2010 range.  So excited!!! :)

Charge- Lazy Susan


The ride home

  • Posted by howies
  • 7 August 2009

rain night

Last night in London it was raining cats and dogs.  We closed the shop at 8pm and I started my ride home at about 8.15pm.  My shorts were soaked in about 30 seconds - even before I reached Regent Street.  By the time I rode past the US embassy my boxers were saturated.  My ride takes me through Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, along Kensington High Street, into Hammersmith, along the river to Chiswick Bridge, across the bridge, and finally along the river to Kew. My commute is usually pretty great - of the 9.5 miles, I have 5.5 of it on footpaths, singletrack, and towpaths.  However, last night was the best work-related ride I have had in a while.  I stopped and took the above photo of the river at low tide in between Hammersmith and Chiswick bridges - this city always has a surprise up it's sleeve.

the fixed rolls

  • Posted by ade
  • 6 May 2009

fixed done

The fixed finally came back from the black smiths with just 2 thin coats of clear lacquer.

It got a Chris King headset, aThompsom post, Azonic risers in place of the drops and an old XT brake lever. The saddle is a Brooks b17 in green leather and copper rivets. they clash a little with the gold on the CK, but...

And a new chain that would moor a ship.

And then the planned ride in this morning was thwarted as I had to take the kids to school.

But it does ride beautifully and I am looking forward to tomorrow arriving. Revamped toys are a good motivator for a commute that has not changed in the last 5 years.lush saddle

run redhead run

  • Posted by ade
  • 27 March 2009

run rabbit

i have been meaning to run to work for ages. could i really do it? how do i get home?

so this morning i left home just after 7 and ran the 10 miles in 1hour 37.

the road bits where horrible, but once i got into the woods with the mud, stones and roots i felt fine.

and the last mile with cardigan in sight and the smell of coffee and cakes on the wind i was tripping.

you don't get that glazed eyes and dig deep feeling biking in.

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