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spring ride

  • Posted by ade
  • 19 March 2009

spring ride

Riding the bike has been a challenge of late.

Travelling for work is getting in the way, as is having all my bikes in bits.

So I got my rear wheel repaired and rode in today.  The sun was sunny so I stuck on 3/4's and my summer Sidi's and struck out. To find a frost. Nearly lost my fingers to Jack's bite.

I rode up the super steep Fynonne climb and threw up at the top. Bend double with strings of slime hanging from my face with bloodshot eyes. This is a first for me, and a horrible eye opener to the rot that has set into my pedalling legs.

Then I met Ruben and we hoofed it down to meet Jon, then all raced to work. Jon made a heroic attempt on the 40mph fixed decent. His legs were spinning, and his rear wheel hopping, but he missed it today.

God it's good to be rolling.

lovely ride in

  • Posted by ade
  • 5 February 2009

The ride in this morning was a slight challenge. The valley has not thawed, and we got more snow last night so it was another day on the cross bike.

Bless those 700 x 37 tyres.

The snow is not too slippy in the soft stuff, it's the ice that's hard, but as long as you keep the speed up and the muscles relaxed you are usually across the sheet and back onto traction before it all goes wrong.

There was just one unclipping moment.

It's snowed all day, but doesn't seem to be settling. With the moon half out i can do the lanes with the lights off.

They're great these little adventures.

more roll call

  • Posted by ade
  • 3 February 2009



Hollie and Madalyn make up the back bone of customer service today.

Robin and James are the warehouse today.

David in logistics made it, but he is Scottish so he has that skill inbuilt.

Julia in accounts crept down the coast.

Our marketing people Jon and Beth made it.

Mike in finance got it with Harri who does some webstuff.

Anthony our accountant arrived.

And I had a snowy 10 miles though beautiful lanes.

wishes do come true.

unglove to thaw

  • Posted by ade
  • 2 February 2009

hard ride in today. trying to get fit but work and stuff keep getting in the way.

so after a weekend of doing nothing but stretching i thought that a ride in would loosen the legs and ease the back.

set off at minus 2 with gloves and after 5 miles my hands were numb and painful. so i took off the gloves and within 1 mile all was well in the digit department. i have always found no gloves to be warmer than gloves.

then i get to work and have a total back failure. i have spent the morning trying to loosen my thighs, ham strings and lower back.

should have been a runner.

unexpected cleat issue

  • Posted by ade
  • 14 January 2009

Rode the cross bike in this week. I have had the shimano boots for 6 years now and 20 yards from home was having issues clipping in.

When I spun the pedal to try the other side I found the cleat had ripped from the shoe and was stuck in the SPD's jaws. So it was turn back or 9.5 miles of slippy spd pedal and the risk of skinned shins?

If i can ride Brecfa without  saddle, the ride in will be a breeze.  Living uncomfortably sometimes makes for a more prepared life.

ice ice baby

  • Posted by ade
  • 18 December 2008

On Monday night the ride home was a challenge on the cross bike.

It's been raining lots over the last few weeks and the lanes home have little streams flowing over them about an inch deep.

By 6.30pm these had turned to sheet ice making 35% of the ride home not only unrideable, but nearly unwalkable. Especially in cycling shoes.

So i let the tyres down to 20psi, unclipped and prepared to bale.

There was one corner where you come down a hill, into a fast lefthander into an uphill and the whole thing was like glass. The only way was to slide down on my arse, and then pull myself up the other side on the wall.

I love those rides home where it's a challenge and you feel scared and uncomfortable and challenged. Breaks the norm.


  • Posted by ade
  • 25 November 2008

Last night as I lay on the floor screaming profanities at the stars on my way home after being forced off the single track road by a car, I thought that in my daily commute I come across 3 types of driver.

The first is totally considerate and respectful that I am a human on a bike, and they are a human in a large metal vehicle

The second that knows I am a human on a bike, and they are a human in a large metal vehicle, but are terrible at controlling that vehicle. When the gap gets tight, they don't slow down but lock arms, go straight and hope not to hit me.

The thirds are the ones who see me as an inconvenience. They beep their horns, cut me very close and try to show me how much I am in their way by teaching me a lesson with the close call.

And i only get mad at the third. The ones that when I get killed when they are proving a point, get a few points and a negligable fine.

The person last night had been following me beeping their horn horn, when there was no where to pass. I crashed as they tried to pass me as I was pulling into a passing point and as I hit the deck they keep going.

As i rode in yesterday i had been thinking how well my buckled wheel with the broken spoke/hub was lasting. The crash finally killed it.  I had to take the brake blocks out to get home.

The thing round here is that the same people have to go the same way, and there are not many RX-7's round here.

So i rode the one speed today, and boy it was hard.

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