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Dig Deep

  • Posted by aron
  • 20 July 2009

This week’s T-shirt of the Week is ‘Dig Deep’.

Doodled by Jimmy’s Farm.

When he’s not farming or filming, he likes to doodle.

So big thanks to him for donating his share of this t-shirt to The Do Lectures.

And look forward to see him down here next year to Do a talk.

If you like it, dig deep and buy one.

Hope you are good.



product testing

  • Posted by ade
  • 17 June 2009



the lorrythe taskdirty hempI took a few day off work last week to finish the biggest DIY job i have ever done. To cover the pipes in the land drain round our house.

1 Lorry full of gravel

16.9 tons

20-30mm stone

1 shovel

1 wheelbarrow

1 me

2 days

16 litres of water

1 pair of howies hemp jeans. I have had the jeans since Feb, but they have been used for "best". Time to wear them.

The jeans faired better than me over the 2 days. Once I got through the first hour of hate I got into the learning from repetition. The best way to hold the shovel, when to go fast with a full barrow over rocky ground, how much I can lift with a shovel and a barrow, when to rake and that the job is alot easier hydrated.

Another help were the Mark Thomas podcasts. Go download them. Some great insights from some experts on how money really moves round our planet.

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