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Carnaby supports OK Go

If you are a howies blog regular, you’ll already know that the Carnaby section of our company has a slightly obsessive appreciation for anything dog related. We’ve got books, puzzles, PDSA cuddly toys and several animal rescue sites bookmarked for easy access. I thought we were approaching any dog lover’s limit.

Then OK Go stepped it up with their new video.

We have some catching up to do.


David Sparshott Knows Dogs

We just received David Sparshott's t-shirt to match his illustrations up in our Staircase Gallery and on our walls.

It is amazing. We are huge dog lovers at the Carnaby store (we have four 3-D dog puzzles, three dog breed books, three small dog toys, a holographic dog deck of playing cards, a PDSA charity box and Battersea Dogs Home on the favourites menu), so come get one before we take them all.

Only at the Carnaby Street store!

A really sweet girl called Julie Mackey just came in the shop.  She very generously donated a signed A2 screen print she made of 'dogs', for us to auction off at our Battersea Dogs Home Wee Do talk this evening.  She is a recently graduated illustrator from Middlesex University.  The proceeds from the print will go directly into Battersea Dogs Home donation tin.

If you're coming to the Wee Do tonight bring some cash with you...this is an awesome print!

dogillustration 002

dog days

  • Posted by tim
  • 20 October 2009



Tonight after a successful hour of walking my dog Fen in the near dark i returned home wet, tired and happy. I fed him a mini pork pie that i got him to eat slowly, piece by piece. Back at home sitting on the floor, back to the Aga which was burning me nicely i broke off the crust into about 20 little bits and  as he lay his head between my knees i fed him each little tempting morsel as his mouth watered and his drool fell on the tiled floor  and glistened. Big dribbles slopped on the ceramics as he delicately took each little chunk from my fingers, then it was gone.

Now he's laying on the cold stone floor after getting too hot from lolling on the rug, and after considerable time i managed to find this clip of steven hamilton. I wish i had some fruitcake now, and some flying saucers.


Carnaby Dogs

  • Posted by howies
  • 14 April 2009

We love Man's Best Friend here at the Carnaby shop. 

It is a good day when people stop by and bring their dogs in for us to meet.

I have a dog called Curry.  Jeff has one called Cane.  We miss them when we are at work. 

Mark really wants a dog.  We would love to hear what sort of dog you guys think he should get.

This is a picture of my dog spying her first heron by the Thames this morning......


canine conundrum


it's important to keep your brain tickin over and your digits nimble so here at carnaby street we have developed a new game, put together this fine figure of a british bulldog as fast as is humanly possible!

here are the results so far, in ascending order...

1. tom - 4:49

2. jeff - 4:55

3. mark - 5:36

4. lisa - 6:46

5. charlie - 13:53

6. naida - 30:32

it's harder than it looks, if youre upto the challenge you know where we are!



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