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Back to the track

  • Posted by alex
  • 24 October 2012
Star riders Mark Cavendish, Michael Morkov (who briefly held the KOM jersey this year in his 1st Tour De France) and Leif Lampater headed up the team last year, helping inspire numerous race wins throughout the series and an overall 3rd place finish.

Our track team will be returning to race in the 10th series of Revolution this weekend.

We've got 4 talented junior riders from the Welsh National squad riding in the Future Stars event who will race alongside professional riders in four track meets over the winter.

Previous Future Stars have gone on to win Olympic gold medals this year and with Wales producing current Olympic and World cycling champions, Revolution will be a great place for our Welsh team to battle it out against cycling's giants.

Pete has even tweaked this years team kit to include elements of the Welsh flag for our riders to fly in.

Star riders Mark Cavendish, Michael Morkov (who briefly held the KOM jersey this year in his 1st Tour De France) and Leif Lampater headed up the team last year, helping inspire numerous race wins throughout the series and an overall 3rd place finish.

6 Olympic gold medalists, the World road champion and Tour De France riders rode last winter and with more big names set to join the team this season, we roll onto the boards in front of a sell-out crowd at Manchester on October 27th with race highlights on ITV4 after every event.

Pine. Rubber. Lycra and speed.

For behind the scenes Revolution action, follow @howies on Twitter and @howiesclothing on Instagram.

Riding in circles

  • Posted by alex
  • 21 February 2012

Over the winter we've watched record-breaking heros racing at the Manchester Velodrome in the Revolution track series.

And since my first visit to watch an event, a certain excitement surrounding track cycling has made me keen to give it a go.

The track at Newport is much the same as the one in Manchester, albeit crowd-less and silent when we turned up for our session yesterday. The silence drew my attention to the steep banks at either end of the track (45° banks, to be precise), which have been the only real niggle in my mind since first realising how steep they are. I have been reassured that if you can ride fast enough to get round on the lines, you're going quick enough to make it round at the boards.

Winding up the fixed gear approaching the first bend, I started to wonder; will my tyres grip at this (low) speed? Will I make it round? Or will I slide down it on my face?

But as the pace picked up all I could concentrate on was keeping on the back wheel of the bike in front, lap after lap, trying to pull into his slipstream and keep a good pace.

Before I knew it, I was flying. The rushing air lapping at my ears while shooting up the bank towards the advertising banners, then timing a descent to glide tidily to the back of the pack for a rest.

When your head is down and your speed is up, you don't worry about being clipped in, or remember you're on a fixed gear bike with no brakes and no freewheel. Fear vanishes and soon all that matters is going faster, catching the bike in front and absorbing every minute, while ignoring burning legs and lungs or anything else telling you to slow down.

We certainly weren't breaking any records, but track cycling is even more exciting to me, now that I've had a go.

Thank you Welsh Cycling - I'm sure we'll be heading back for another fix soon.

A ride with friends old and new

  • Posted by ade
  • 25 May 2010

After the sample sale on Saturday we got out at 6.30 to go on a bigger city hack. Super Ted Poppy from Cooler Magazine and her brother Will (who could really coaster wheelie), Nick who we have been chatting to for years at sample sales and have never ridden with. Barney and me. We headed out into the City to Smithfield Market. Then up into Camden where the traffic was heavy and a real buzz. Then a huge climb upto Hampstead Heath where we found The Spaniard pub where we had proper cider that tastes like apple juice and kicks like Tequila.

Then we bombed back down hill through the Holloway road into a hot city and a great vegan fest in SAF off  Old Street.

It's nice to have a city buzz when you live in the sticks.

This is what Will did 70% of the ride.

Wheelie to the sun through Camden

The climb to the heath. It just went up and up and up. I have always liked up.

This was the cider. After a big climb the road flattened for half a mile and then it pasted tightly between two buildings which Ted declared the place for a cool cask ale. The queue in the Spaniard was huge. The food, booze perfect and the  beer garden was a tranquil buzz.

Balmy summer nights have been a long time coming.

super nice super ted

  • Posted by ade
  • 22 May 2010

After he dropped into howies in Cardigan, we bumped into Ted at 14 bikes. He's got a workshop round the back.

He both agreed to take us out for  ride tonight and to show us where he turns raw tube into raw bike frames. And the workshop was every bit as functional as the frames. Lathe, presses, jigs, welding gear and swarf.

We got treated to the full story of school to bike builder and a look at the latest ideas made real. He is at the place where you do what you love for a long time just for the love and then the money slowly begins to follow. He is truly living his dream and living bike.

Thanks for the tour man.

A chain stay being shaped.

One rule.

Man at work.

Exactly set to exactly make the chainstay exactly shaped.

Acetylene warm the glue.

1.5 ton of metal moved in by hand and scafold tubes.

Ted tells us the tale infront of the jig he made to hold the tubes whilst he welds them together.

Bike dust.


If you need a bike mail [email protected] But remember not to disturb.

I hate you today

  • Posted by ade
  • 29 January 2010

I am drained from a week of running and riding.

I haven't slept well due to tight hamstrings.

And this morning I am a little dehydrated.

It was raining hard.

The head wind brought me to a standstill many times and made the whole journey just pain.

I couldn't spin in the saddle on the hills because you are a fixed wheel.

So I shouted out on the climb my hate for you , I cursed you and regretted choosing you over the bike with gears and it went round and round in my head, I nearly stopped to throw you in the hedge in anger, real tears came to my eyes as I tried to raise the pace over the last climb to work and I walked in soaked with sweat and empty legged.

Today I hate my fixed wheel.

one gear no idea with chris akrigg

  • Posted by tim
  • 21 August 2009

the first time for chris on a fixed wheel bike.


Riding home


For anyone who hasn't left to go home yet - here is one way you could do it.  Maybe add a helmet.  And possibly a wee bit more concern for pedestrians.  Other than that...................

finally fixed

  • Posted by ade
  • 28 April 2009

fixed1fixed2after a first coat of laquer that was only on one side and as thick as a book, the black smiths reblasted it and then resprayed it.

headset has now been re-pressed in and the cranks fitted.

the nice stuff to do on the not all nice things to do, to do list..


  • Posted by ruben
  • 18 February 2009

I have a new fixie! I took it home last week to do some minor tinkering with it, and it ended up getting left in a corner, ignored and unridden.

So today, I decided I would ride it into work.

I left loads of time for the ride, because I was expecting hell up some of the hills and I've never ridden a fixed gear that far before... but in the end I didn't need most of the time I left and I got into work about 15 minutes early!

The hills were surprisingly easy going, and the fixed wheel experience was definitely something new. I learnt a lot about how I usually ride.

Like how I usually free-wheel when looking over my shoulder for approaching cars. I probably wont be doing that again after what almost happened this morning.

(but I got in safe and I didn't have to put my foot down or walk it once.)

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