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Tag Archives: folk music

more books

  • Posted by howies
  • 3 June 2010


Talking of books its Hay festival this week coming, if you're off to Hay, have fun in the sun, if you want to know more have a look what's going on on their site.


Lots of inspiring thing to see including the amazing Laura Marling, she's playing tonight, if you're going to see her have a great time.

If you don't know about Laura check her out on her website, watch her videos, they're gorgeous.


A walk and a song

  • Posted by howies
  • 16 April 2009

I came across this great story and website.  I wish these guys would come ambling into my local. 

We would love to know if anyone has seen them.  We might have to see if they would mind stopping in the Carnaby St store next time they pass by. 



Spiers and Boden

  • Posted by tim
  • 2 April 2009


The catalogue deadline is looming and tonight i managed to steal Nick Hand away from his pixelated 17 inch reality tunnel to another great do at the Theatre Mwldan in Aberteifi. People will be talking about us soon. Here's their website and below was the last song of this evenings set.


Even greater news i heard during the evening was that the Fureys are coming back so get your asses down here.


Nick and i went to watch the Furey's and Davey Arthur last night at the Theatre Mwldan ( a jewell in the crown of Cardigan) . It was a sell out and we ended up sitting next to this lady and her son who was about my age (46), she sang along word for word every song and tapped her knee for over an hour. It was one of those nights where magic was in the air (and whisky in the blood) and a bunch of folks closer to retirement age (and some over) than school age had one great big sing song. 

About a month ago I blogged about The Fureys rather excitedly and then left it too late to get some tickets myself. To say i was upset would be a major understatement as i've wanted to see them since i was a lot younger. Luckily and i do mean very luckily (thanks Dil) two spare tickets came up and i got a call out of the blue to let me know we could go, mini miracle. 

If you live near a venue where they are touring i can do nothing but recommend a night out that will not be forgotten in a lifetime. Here's the gig list. They're are a truly great band. 

If you're ever in Cardigan, come for the weekend and check out our shop, the theatre and bowens fish and chip shop in St Dogmaels, you'll have a good craic as the Furey's would say and go home with a smile on your face and a healthy dose of Welsh hospitality. 


On another note, if you are a fan of Roy Orbison or want to hear one of the greatest voices of all time then check this out on bbciplayer before it's gone.  Incredible addicive viewing, moving (with some commentary by Johnny Cash and the Travelling Wilbury Jeff Lynne) and just downright rockin. 


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