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Winter Wee Dos

We've had some great Wee Dos in store over the past couple of months.  Both these clips are about helping the preserve the mountains for winter sports.  Very apt with the recent snow fall we've had yesterday and today!

Salomon snowboards are helping to push the industry's perceptions on how we can make snowboards in a more environmentally sound way- and even pushing ideas forward, finding ways to set up technology in order to recycle our boards after we've wrecked 'em.


Respect the Mountains is an organisation helping to make tour operators and mountain resorts aware of how they can change their operations, to create sustainability in an industry which was not showing responsibility for their impacts on the environment they rely upon.  They also raise key issues for skiiers and snowboarders to consider, when travelling to or spending time in the mountains.


At some point in the near future all of the Wee Do talks will be available to watch online.

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