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Farmer Friendly Jeans

  • Posted by alex
  • 6 September 2013
This denim is completely new for howies this season. But as you know, to push things forward in life, you’ve always got to keep moving...

This is our new hemp selvedge jean, The Hobo.

Hemp is renowned for being one of the most environmentally friendly and versatile crops around. It also makes a mean pair of jeans.

That's because hemp crops are sustainable and require no irrigation. So a jean like the Hobo, made from 40% hemp and 60% cotton, can save up to 2,400 litres of water when compared to a regular 100% cotton jean. That’s enough to give one person clean drinking water for two years. Gulp. In addition, hemp uses no pesticides or herbicides to grow as it is naturally antibacterial, which is great for you, the farmer and the field.

They’ve got a look we love too. The tiny white flecks of hemp fibre within the denim help give them a unique 'slubby' appearance. And adding to their natural feel, our Hobo jean has been coloured using indigo dye, which will give you a bit of the old ‘blue hands’ at first, but will age beautifully to give you a jean unlike anyone else’s.

This denim is completely new for howies this season. But as you know, to push things forward in life, you’ve always got to keep moving...

Just like a hobo.

Shop Men's Hobo Hemp Selvedge Jeans >

howies Mens Hemp Selvedge Jeans

howies Mens Hemp Selvedge Jeans

howies Hemp Selvedge Denim Jeans

Brilliant + Great = Perfect

  • Posted by alex
  • 9 August 2013

Our women’s Stretcher jean. Made using a brand new 'powerstretch' denim.

Powerstretch denim is the perfect mix of 75% cotton, with 22% polyester and 3% elastane, made by a brilliant denim mill in Portugal.

It took them years of trial and error, energy and effort to find the right mix. But by using the best ingredients from the start, they’ve managed to cook up a great denim.

The lightweight cotton makes them soft and comfortable and easy to wear. The polyester makes them tough and durable. And the elastane makes them stretch and move, fitting your body perfectly along the way.

It’s that quality of ingredients, as well as the time and energy and skill they’ve put into manufacturing that makes these Stretchers just about the comfiest, most shape-flattering pair of women’s jean we’ve ever made.

Proof indeed that you only ever get out exactly what you put in. True of life of course, but also true of a pair of jeans.

Shop Women's Stretcher Jeans >

howies Powerstretch Stretcher jeans

howies Powerstretch Stretcher jeans

Jeans from the Wild West (of Wales)

  • Posted by alex
  • 9 August 2013

Our new men’s Rancher jean has just arrived. And we've made using a special 'broken twill' denim.

Popularized by rodeo riders back in the 1960s, broken twill is a style of weave famous for it's unique zigzag pattern; invented to combat the twisting effect you can get with regular denim.

If you're a denim geek, you'll know that traditionally a twill is woven either to the right hand or the left hand, which can cause tension in the fabric. It's that tension which can make the outside seam of a regular jean twist around to the front or back,
after it's washed.

A broken twill weave contains no distinctive direction though. Instead, alternating right and left in an intentionally random zig-zag pattern. This texture gives the denim a more balanced construction and eliminates the twisted leg effect. It will also give your jeans a wonderfully irregular, streaky fade pattern as they age. And as a bonus, it also makes them softer than a traditional jean too.

Sounds pretty good to us. Then again, who are we to argue
with a bunch of cowboys anyway?

Shop Men's Broken Twill Rancher Jeans >

howies Broken Twill Rancher Jeans

howies Broken Twill Rancher Jeans

howies Broken Twill Rancher Jeans detail

for when it's peein' down!


we just received our first delivery of the new epic denim water resistant jeans and have been busy all morning installing our new window display, here's a little sneeky peek of how it's looking so far, more pics to follow!

me and jeff are getting a pair each tomorrow, so we'll keep you all updated on how we get on, now all we've got to do is pray for a bit of rain!

Carnaby Shop Window

  • Posted by howies
  • 11 April 2009

We have a new shop window at Carnaby St. 

Blood, sweat, and tears and have gone into putting it together. 

We are using it to promote our new hemp and Japanese green caste denim jean. 

Come and see it for yourselves.  We also have an amazing series of illustrations on our blackboard, drawn by the talented Zoe, which tell the whole story.


Selvedge Stories

  • Posted by howies
  • 23 February 2009

Following on from the Bristol Shop’s post about Andy’s Kaizens I thought I’d be nice to open it up a bit.

So if you have any stories about your jeans then email them to jon[at]howies.co.uk

Thanks to Matt for the idea.

Old Faithfuls

  • Posted by howies
  • 21 February 2009

Sometimes, the longer you have something, the better it gets. 


-Red Wine


-Best Friend

I met a nice chap called Andy this week. He builds things, rides a lot and does loads of stuff outdoors.    He's been wearing his Kaizens every day for 6 months. He has a real passion for denim and loves the light creases and wear marks he has created over time. He hasn't washed them yet and is determined not to.     His jeans show a bit of his story and it ain't nearly finished yet!

He also has a top tip for stopping any odour- put 'em in the freezer overnight, he swears it does the trick!

If anyone out there has some old howies jeans which tell a story, let us know- washed out, torn, stained, send us a photo and we'll start a scrap book!

sample sale in bath

  • Posted by ade
  • 20 February 2009

we brought too many jeans to the sale

we brought too many cords, canvas and twill trousers.

we got skinnies, regular, loose, boot cut.

we have regular and long leg and every waist size.

we have grey and indigo denim.

we are doing some HOT deals if you buy a few pairs.

we really don't want to lug them back into the van.

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