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howies pets

  • Posted by howies
  • 13 February 2009



In September me and my man decided to get a dog.

We wanted a Beagle and we found George.

He's a year old now and full of beans.

We knew it would be hard work having a dog, but we had no idea how much fun it was and it's great going walking when its cold and windy and wet and dark and the sea is crashing all around us.

Alison saw a dog and was very close to keeping him.

Emma got some kittens.

Then a couple of weeks ago Scania got a dog called Daisy.

Now Clare and David have a Dog called Sonny.

We will need a doggy cresh soon.

George in the snow

Here's my George in the snow last week.

This weeks T-Shirt of the Week is 'Life Is Complicated'.

(Designed by Supermundane).


Workload - clear

Diary - clear

Sky - clear

Skatepark - clear


Head - clear


Life is complicated, sport is simple.


  • Posted by howies
  • 15 December 2008

Throughout my 30 years of life I have been very lucky.

I have known I've been lucky and I've just kept getting away with it, untill Sunday that is.

The reason I have been lucky is I have not had many accidents, not like Tom and Pete in howies.

I have never broken anything, had any operations, wisdom teeth out, nothing.

I have not been too safe, I have been canoeing down rapids and rivers, rowing on the sea, river rafting, sea kayaking, coasteering, mountain biking, climbing, running along cliffs, driving and on a motorbike.

The worst accidents I can remember are, one when I was 5, I was swinging around a pole in the garden and fell down some steps and got concussion. Then there were two incidents where I fell, once off my bike and once when I was roller blading and I got water on my elbows.

Then yesterday I fell down the stairs on my house, not just normal stairs either, wooden planks which are slippy, steep and face a wall. I ended up with my head in between the stairs and the wall and my feet in the air, not funny really.

I now have a huge bruise on my hip which looks like a galaxy, a bump on my head, a stiff neck and numerous other bruises aches and pains.

Maybe I have been too safe in the past, maybe 2009 will the year for more adventures and accidents.

Maybe I'm just not very stupid....

or maybe I have just been lucky.

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