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New Bird

  • Posted by mark
  • 4 February 2011

i blogged this a while back DIY or DIE about a Skatepark being built on some disused land in Liverpool. Even with the owners eventual permission, help from the local builders, alot of bad backs and a fair bit of money from all the skaters involved, the inevitable has happened and the local council are trying to close it down.

i know for a fact that there's alot more pressing issues in Liverpool that deserve the councils attention, this is not one of them.



show your support.


  • Posted by mark
  • 28 May 2009

 a few friends of mine from the beautiful city of liverpool have been bustin their nuts the last few months building their own skatepark, they found some apparently disused land, cleared it of rubbish and started creating this little masterpiece.






turns out the owner of the land wasnt too happy when he turned up one day and saw what was goin on, but for now he's left them to it, don't know how long it'll last but fingers crossed itll be there for a few years yet, if youre in the area go take a look for yourself cause it's pretty impressive so far!

get buildin!

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