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Tag Archives: merino

Spring Photoshoot Slideshow

  • Posted by alex
  • 13 May 2013

When we needed pictures of the new bike and run range in action, Hazel, Ade
and Alex booked into the Pwll Deri YHA in the untouched corner of Cardigan
Bay on Strumble Head.

We arrived in the dark, so it wasn't until sunrise that the full beauty of
our location unfolded.

To model the kit we recruited some active local friends. Sam and Phil who
are runners, riders and Lifeguards on our beaches, Josh who we ride mountain
bikes with and Laura who cooked all the food for our Rest Less ride.

5am starts, creaky bunk beds, breakfast overlooking the sea, beautiful
light, dusty coast paths, rocky headlands, a lighthouse, burning gorse, the
Presili mountains, winding back roads, 150 year old woods, wheelies, good
food eaten together and photo's showing the beauty of where we work.
Our photo shoots are work, but they really don't feel like work.

This slideshow is a selection of shots from the photo shoot.

Photgraphed and compiled by Ricky Adam
Music by The Redneck Manifesto

Run Range

  • Posted by alex
  • 10 April 2013

You were born to run. Maybe not that fast. Maybe not that far. Maybe not as efficiently as the 60 year old woman who just overtook you. But you were born to get up off your backside and move. To fire up that those legs, for that simple, energy-giving, blood-pumping, sodium-bleeding, sofa-beating thing we call running.

New running range for Men and Women.

howies run range

howies run range

howies run range

howies run range

howies run range

howies run range

howies run range

howies run range

Sale Merino on Brick Lane

  • Posted by ruben
  • 21 May 2010

We love our merino baselayers.They're our layer of choice when we get out and about on our bikes, boats, boards or when we go running.

They're also great to wear on their own, under shirts and for loads of non-sporty situations as well.

So we're happy to report that we found a load of merino stock that we'd forgotten about... and promptly sent it down to Ade on Brick lane for the sample sale.

If you can, drop by and check it out - it looks like they'll have some great stuff down there this weekend. More details, a map and opening hours here.

Dirt Magazine's 100 best products

  • Posted by tim
  • 8 December 2008


Well the good news is we got on the software list with the comment "This merino wool baselayer is our favorite piece of clothing by far." Here is the page from Dirt Magazine, cheers Jon for getting this to me, it look pretty damn good.  Dirt 100 merino feature

howies Winter Warmers!

  • Posted by howies
  • 8 December 2008



It was a chlly first week in the Bristol store.

Then Ade bought us some heaters.

Then the lovely people in Cardigan sent all the staff a pair of sexy howies merino Long Johns. Thanks!

They really do the job and we are now all wonderfully toasty.

Thanks to everyone who's visited the store this week, thanks especially to the customer who brought in the amazing brownies!

We've sold a lot of Merino this week. If you haven't got a baselayer (or Long Johns) come chat to a member of staff and get yourself sorted.

Keep warm, it was -4 degrees yesterday!

howies merino and informed decisions

  • Posted by tim
  • 26 November 2008



ok so we know there are quite a few folks out on the interweb selling merino products for you favorite pastimes like riding, running, walking, slouching (me), etc. We have this neat little downloadable book that tells you about howies merino and why it's different than most others, here it is.

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