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Tag Archives: music

Arcade Fire

  • Posted by aron
  • 8 December 2010

Going to see these guys tomorrow night in Cardiff International Arena.

Love this song.

What's been your favourite gig this year?

best of a decade

  • Posted by ade
  • 25 February 2010


While lighting the fire this morning I found an article in a Times mag about the top 30 albums of the last decade, so it's on the wall and is our playlist for the next few days.

We are working from 30 to 1. Not everyone's cup of tea, but a nice exercise. I have got a couple that I really not looking forwards to, and some that are great, but very slow for a busy day.

You can see what we're listening to right now over here on last.fm

**Update: this is the list we're listening to.**

not easy listening

  • Posted by ade
  • 10 June 2009


A friend gave me pink punks second album last week to listen to on the bike fest.

Amazing angry poetry dealing with most of the worlds ills set to a track to rage trails to.


The "advertising" track has Bill Hicks voice on it, and the money raise from the track goes to the Bill Hicks foundation for wildlife rehabilitation.

And Yap the poet rapper also sings some great folk.

A walk and a song

  • Posted by howies
  • 16 April 2009

I came across this great story and website.  I wish these guys would come ambling into my local. 

We would love to know if anyone has seen them.  We might have to see if they would mind stopping in the Carnaby St store next time they pass by. 



Anything You Synthesize

  • Posted by howies
  • 23 December 2008

Amazing video by Onesize for the song Anything You Synthesize by The American Dollar.  

(Via TEAiM)

quicktime version (HD) -much better


  • Posted by howies
  • 15 December 2008

Head over to last graph it's a clever little app that uses you last.fm data to make pretty flow graphs of your listening habits here a snippet from mine. I listened to the most music between march and may when I was revising for my final exams...

Check out the howies last.fm here.

Dan McPharlin

  • Posted by aron
  • 9 December 2008

I first saw his work for Lo Recordings, in collaboration with Non-Format. He made these miniature cardboard models for the release of Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert's album Moog Acid. If you're familiar with moog synthesisers then you'll probably enjoy this link here. You can visit Dan's site here.



ben has kindly entered the fray this week with his three throws to ease us into the weekend.

here's marvin


here's some Ólafur Arnalds


here's some pissheads


throwdown threes

  • Posted by tim
  • 7 November 2008



Friday afternoon’s Throwdown Threes has ended up as a collaboration. We have just gone live with our new brainfood site which has absorbed the old think and community content and made it more accessable and easier to navigate. On top of that, Paul and Aron are off on a Surf Tour to sort out stuff for the next catague and everyone in Cardigan is working their backsides off with one thing or another, in a word it’s busy. The new catalogue has just arrived and the website has been giving our crew in the office a headache. There has been some bloody hard work put in by Chris Wash up at Matt&George in the city of London and Jon Heslop down in the shed in the Cardigan HQ to get brainfood live and we are a little fried but very happy. I’m leaving these two in charge of the decks for the afternoons DJ session whilst I go and have a lie down. Thanks chaps. Hope you all have a great weekend. At howies we will, we’ve all earned it.

 On a technical note: if you currently subscribe to ‘by the way’ you will still be notified of new posts. If you would like to subscribe to the whole of the ‘brainfood’ section which includes ‘by the way’ there is an rss feed logo for you to do that too. 

First up from Jon 'Brendan Canning'


Second from Chris Wash 'Mogwai'


Then 'Super Furry Animals'



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