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Tag Archives: Patagonia

Look who I met

  • Posted by pete
  • 24 May 2010

My dad's dad's long-lost brother's daughter Rachel, from Patagonia - my
second cousin (you may have read the story in our spring 10 catalogue).

She saw my dad last week, for the first time in fifty or so years.

Funny that.

Spring 2010 and the 3 elves

  • Posted by aron
  • 21 December 2009

Whilst everyone is ranting on about xmas, in the Creative department Pete, Nick and myself are cracking on with the Spring 2010 catalogue. Not long ago a few of us visited Patagonia to Cardigan's twin town Trevelin, got some brilliant pictures... add to that some amazing photos from the Cardigan shoot and we have a new howies catalogue on our hands. We've even got the masterful Jon Matthews working with us in the words department. Watch this space...

They're back

  • Posted by pete
  • 4 December 2009


Jack, Anna, James and Lydia are back from the photoshoot in Patagonia.

(they've been shooting the spring 2010 catalogue).

They brought back a hard drive with over 20,000 photos on it...

And some sachets of sugar. Uh thanks?


This is an amazing hour long discourse on the life of Yvon which flies by at a great pace, it's not long winded, is very funny and might just set a fire inside of you no matter what you're doing in life, it made me a lot warmer and laugh out loud. I am glad i found this. Get that kettle on, put your feet up and feed your head.


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